7 days of Solitude: a journey into true power (day 1)

I'm doing something I have never done before. This shocks me really.

in my 40 adventure filled years, I have never spent 7 days on my own, without an agenda, to consciously to be with my Self.

well except . . . there was one time where I was nearly in solitude; a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat. You can't imagine how good the food is when you cannot talk or look at anyone for 10 days!

But I have craved this time for myself for quite a while,

With some planning, and the children being cared for by their father, I am finally beginning my journey.

Emails, iPhone & social media limited to once a day, only for the purpose of family responsibility and to post one video blog/day.

Why is this feel so essential right now?

Because I just went through the biggest shift of my life.

an intense period of purification and integration. (read: lots of tears & tissues)

I am not the same woman I was last year. I barely recognize myself.

And I love who I am becoming. Who I AM.

I also had a powerful Savasana, as I describe in the video where this journey suddeny became non-negotiable.

I hope you will join me, as I share one insight/day.