A gift for you + getting real about striving, feeling empty and our true worth

I have a little something for you.

It's an mp3 that I've wanted to create for about a year but I wasn't ready to be this "visible" a year ago.

You may or may not know that I love yoga. I plan to teach again very soon. I've been told that my relaxation voice is to die for. (Thank you to the student who shared this with me so long ago, you planted a seed that I have been nurturing)

I've created a special meditation that (i hope) will full you with much goodness.

Your body has something to say about your creative process and she wants to work WITH YOU, not against you.

You have a UNIQUE thriving vibration that is aching to be expressed through your body.

Do you know what it feels like?

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Now that I've softened you with the promise of a deep relaxation, let's get real about our worth.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of working harder to prove our worth or being paralyzed from the self doubt that stems from "not being enough".

Slow down, and (with a ton of love) look at the constant daily nagging thoughts that leak energy from your creative efforts: I'm still not quite there, I'm not doing enough for my family, once we get that house it will be all good, I'm "not enough" because I have this or that illness, I'm not pretty enough, my product is not enough as it is (even though I poured my heart and soul into it), I don't deserve my own love until I finish this, once I take care of these wrinkles they won't see my age and then they will approve of me . . .and on it goes.

Feeling that you are "not enough" is not personal. Feelings of worthlessness exist within each of us. This is a global heart wound that is ready to be healed. It must be healed individually and collectively, for us to realize our deepest desires on this planet.

Women lose so much energy DOING TOO MUCH to prove their worth. Wouldn't you like to do LESS and feel more energized?

Striving to prove your worth is like trying to fill a cup with a hole in the bottom. You will never ever discover your true worth by pouring all your energy into your projects and none into yourself. No amount of external approval will reveal your worth.

Actions and efforts based in "not enough" rob you of your life's satisfaction and fulfillment. Actions that stem from "not enough" steal your beauty, undermining your authenticity and radiance.

Your creative FLOW cannot be found in a dehydrated river created from the scarcity of not being or having enough.

Today, lets take a stand and receive in our hearts, the hard earned wisdom from leaders who, by all standards, "have arrived" in their accomplishments and still faced the emptiness of feeling that they are "not enough" because they pushed past this uncomfortable feeling. They see now. They know.

And you know too.

Today, with each choice you make, you can begin to heal this heart wound.

As you begin your new projects, prepare for your presentation, greet your children, look in the mirror, eat your meal, exercise your body, choose your new outfit, acknowledge to yourself how you REALLY feel about what you are doing.

Acknowledging is not telling yourself lies. If you feel self doubt, tired, like giving up or wothless because you compare yourself to another Diva, stop fighting against it. Receive it in your heart and body, be with the shame and the tears that come from years of wanting & striving from an empty place. Receive the feeling without putting on a "face" even to yourself and you will see that the feeling of "not enough" is not stronger than you.

You can be with it.

It won't kill you and you don't have to "survive" it anymore with striving and pushing and ignoring what is truly best for you.

You don't have to beat it, fight it, exorcise it out of your energy field or PROVE to yourself or others that you are better or bigger than these feelings with your armoury of personal development.

Surrender to any bits of worthlessness that are within you. Let it BE for a day, an hour, a moment . . . so that you can free up this energy that is ready to be transmuted into LOVE.

As you acknowledge, you will experience it as a particular feeling tone or energy, that has been trapped in your energy body for years, generations, lifetimes. As you can be with the feeling, (which is very hard to do at first) you will begin to feel a tremendous flow of energy become released (and it is uncomfortable in the beginning) and begin to move through your body.

Watch it with curiosity. Celebrate this healing as you stay with it, and let it flow through you and out of you. It is amazing!!

They say that the tears that come from a cleansing healing process are filled with millions of toxins - so FEEL FULLY and with all your might!!!

As you have the courage to be real with the motives behind your actions, you will begin to make choices that honour your worth. And your worth expands from the inside with every self affirming choice you make moving forward.

The truth is that ALL IS WELL. Behind the failing marriage, the lost contract, the angry friend, the betrayal, the plan that got sidelined, is the warming inner glow of peace and fulfillment. This glow seems elusive, but it's not.

The appearance of big changes, shifts or  "chaos" in your life does not affirm or deny your worth.

Whatever you are experiencing right now is here to HELP YOU.

Big shifts can be delighted in! Up levels are even more fulfilling when they happen from fullness!

Perhaps you feel this already? Do you feel this desire to delight in your growth even when it feels "hard" and challenging?

A NEW TIME and a new AGE where your inner calm is expanding and your decisions are coming from a place of inner grace & power?

Each day take a pause (or many pauses!) so that the things that are worthwhile to you, can catch up, and fill you up.

From today, Let your projects or NEW BEGINNINGS be rooted in fullness.

Each thing we do is a choice.

Get real about your self love and self care rituals.
Don't beat yourself up if you don't love yourself.
But do make a choice to begin to love yourself a little more with each choice you make. It's all so OK, just point your direction towards fullness a little more.

Admit when your actions stem from need, and love yourself anyway.
Admit when you feel like a failure, and love yourself anyway.
Admit when you want to throw in the towel, and love yourself anyway.

It's OK even when you can't love yourself - so long as you can be real with yourself.

Fullness is a daily practice, with your moments being a choice.

Ask yourself:

"What feels like the best path for me to choose right now, the path of wholeness or depletion?"

(and there will be times when you choose to eat a whole bag of chips (ahem) and that's OK! Love yourself anyway!)

When the FUNK rolls in, FILL YOURSELF UP.

Because WHEN YOU FEEL READY, (because god knows we don't need to force ourselves anywhere!)
The world is ready for a woman like you, who places her FULFILLMENT as the primary FOUNDATION for all that you create.

As you take a stand for your own fullness, your light will reach the darkest corners of another's present experience and liberate them from the lie that they have to DO and BE more than they already are.

Give them the gift of seeing you BEGIN from fullness.

There is ANOTHER WAY to be & create everything you desire..
Take a stand for doing it YOUR way.
You don't have to adopt "depletion" just because you don't see another way to realize your dreams.

Let yourself discover what feels good to you.
The world needs your strength and courage to embody FULLNESS.

This is the way. This is the time.
Your path is LOVE and your practice is NOW.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are ready to stop doing (in the name of radical self acceptance!)

(image credit: unknown)