A lesson for the tired visionary

When I was pregnant with my first, we attended the regular Lamaze sessions. At one point, our instructor handed out a sheet of paper with a list of all the tasks that arise in a single day with a newborn. I looked through the list and turned to my husband, "Great, I can do this, no problem."

When the instructor shared with the group that the paper was given to us to show how impossible it would be to accomplish everything on the list, I silently disagreed. Clearly I was in for a big surprise.

The fact that I was so ready to accomplish "the impossible list" speaks volumes. It has been one of my greatest lessons. I have always pushed myself. I have ignored my intuition and said yes to so many projects over the years because I have feared saying NO.

Saying NO would mean that I was shutting out opportunity. Saying NO would cause others to think differently of me. Saying NO questioned the very foundation of whether feel I AM ENOUGH, even as I make decisions that others may disagree with.

The TRUTH is, I have always had very high standards for myself.

These days, I am learning to value SELF LOVE more than ACCOMPLISHMENT or ADMIRATION.

Visionary Mothers have a special consideration and we especially need to listen to what is showing up in our life.

Constant striving and juggling all the balls puts me into Sacrifice. Every time.

Constant striving is a stress on the Spirit. It is stressful for the body.

The lesson for Pregnant Visionaries at any Phase, is that the extra stress caused by NOT HONORING our intuition and stretching TOO MUCH is actually harmful to our Vision.

It hurts us.

Not knowing how to say NO is a self punishment.

We would never ask a pregnant woman to ignore the signs of overwhelm and fatigue, and yet it is so easy to forget when we are growing our Vision.

If you find that your journey is running away from you,  you will experience sacrifice, every time.

This is an ACHE in the Pregnancy Phase that needs to be listened to.

I have learned that when I feel sacrifice, it is a reflection of how I have sacrificed my intuition at a point along the journey.

The world does not need more "do it all" Women.

We inspire possibility in each other when we allow some of the balls to drop in favor of LISTENING & HONORING ourselves.

This is SELF LOVE.

If you are tired and craving more peace and simplicity, or more time with your family,


Your Vision still grows when you HONOR yourself.

In fact, the more space you create for your Vision by HONORING your needs...the more your Vision will GROW!

The beauty in journeying as a Pregnant Visionary is that you are planning your DREAM Birth.

You don't need to grow your Vision the way anyone else does. Your Vision is an extension of YOUR Dreams.

Listen to how your life speaks to you, and know that your Vision will grow leaps EVERY TIME you honor what is right for you.