A Mantra to begin your day . . . because the battle is over.

There is no point to keep pushing forward when you are empty. This is such a spiritual dilemma for those who are so eager to transform, to discover their purpose and live a life of meaning. Pushing forward without acknowledging the subtle ways depletion sets in, puts you face to face with an incredible internal struggle.

Ahhh, the war we wage within: fighting against ourselves with more pushing, impatience and pressure. The only thing for sure, that can be created from depletion, is more depletion.

This is the law of vibration and resonance.

So what about a new way?

Commit to "fullness first" so that you are aligned with right action, divine action, heck . . . inspired action!

In the beginning of your 'fullness first" mantra, it may feel counter intuitive to go against everything you 'know'

the rules, expectations, habits, self imposed beliefs and other cultural norms for Productivity & Growth.

We are taught to receive "the reward" at the end of a long hard battle.

But notice the word choice: Does the sacred feminine within you feel like winning a long hard battle?

The long hard battle is to ignore/disregard the ways our intuition and body speak to us, every day!

Slow down, take time and space, get clear, grounded, centered and inspired.
Find ways to create offerings to yourself.
Be kind, as often as possible.


Now, doesn't that sound delicious?

Surrender the battle
instead, be moved by the desire to cultivate Inner Peace.

FOLLOW your PLEASURES, for a day, a week, a month.

AWAKEN your senses,

OPEN UP to life

Allow a feeling of fullness take the lead.

This is the thriving path.
And it's yours to discover, each day you surrender the battle.

Let this be the mantra you awaken and retire to, each day.


image source: spoonlily

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