Be kind to yourself + surrender often

Be kind to yourself. You are just empty. If only you could know how much Self Love will transform your life. Two simple words that have no meaning until you decide it's time to surrender to them.

My time to surrender came a few years ago while was knee deep in Post Partum Depression. Because I had "come back" from a much darker place 10 years earlier I did not seek help or support during this period. I thought I had it handled. I had an incredibly strong and stoic disposition. Nobody would have guessed there was anything wrong. After all, I was the "Perfect Mom".

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On one particular day, I had had a very hard day with the children. I was empty. I did not know how to fill myself up. I rocked and nursed my son, ridiculing myself ceaselessly, on all the ways I was failing as a Mother. (otherwise known as not reaching my impossible standards).

When my harsh criticism had reached a very dark place, I decided that my family would have a better life without me.

And at the height of this self abuse, musing about my demise, a voice suddenly appeared within me and she said,

"Go easy on yourself. You are being so unkind and hard. You are just empty, and you need to learn how to give to yourself"

I shifted that evening, nursing my child at the lowest point of my journey as a mother. I vowed that the very next day, I would begin by saying yes to something, anything, that made me feel good.

This was a "winter" in my life that fertilized my soul forever.

I had no idea that night would be THE catalyst towards me now knowing what I am here to create, express and share with the world.

For me, the light came in a seemingly impossible moment.

A life altering realization that I needed to create a firm boundary with self loathing.

This illumination didn't come from a book, a fancy article, a seminar, retreat, yoga class or any other intentional activity to better myself.

The light came through the darkness.

So beautiful woman, when the darkness encroaches around you, surrender in any way you can.

And then be kind to yourself.

Be so kind!!!

Surrender might be brewing a cup of tea instead of another glass of wine.

It might be a full glass of water, a bath with essential oils, a nap.

Surrender may simply be taking another deep breath.

This is enough. It is within these small acts of kindness that you shift the most.

It is when you do something for yourself,
when you realize where you are,
and extend kindness to yourself,
that you shift the course of your life.

Small acts of self love, will ripple miracles in your life.
Be kind and Surrender often.

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