becoming fearless so love burns oh so good

I've been flattened, ripped open, shaken upside down and rewired Whole - by LOVE. What I know now, is that Love is not personal. I have walked through need, desire, longing, and aching for soul shattering intimacy with a Beloved. In my desire to commune with a partner in the "physical" each soul I meet gifts me with another lesson in becoming the embodiment of Unconditional Love.

I am no longer afraid to stand bare and open. I feel my ego shattering. I feel Soul bursting through the openings.
And I am also learning the art of being in overflow, from the inner reservoir of Love.In each shattering, I have been carried home, into a deep communion with my own Being ~ the Great Source within.

Unconditional love that flows from Source, is gratifying. I no longer desire the restricted versions of "love" I used to know and desire.I am learning to place my trust in Emanating - Radiating - Knowing. . .while loving that parts of me that want to control or grasp on to safety.

Safely is only found in the Core.

Yesterday I received a message about Union:

If we are to live in a world of Union / Oneness we must walk the path of total Autonomy. We must become aware of the parts of ourselves that try to control or manipulate on a SOUL LEVEL in an effort to "have" what we most desire.

As we shift into higher levels of consciousness we will be gifted with seeing the aspects of self that limit us from knowing and embodying the essence of LOVE.

Unconditional love places the sovereign Free Will of every person/Soul as the highest priority.

We are challenged with releasing layers and layers of ego needs and cultural rules that no longer serve where we are returning/circling into.

Unconditional love is the most liberating and powerful GIFT we can offer another. We can walk our paths side by side, near or far, and know the great presence of LOVE.

I have learned much about Love, in the loss of everything and the certainty of nothing.

Shattered, opened and rewired over and over - I am not afraid like I used to be. I cannot live a repressed life any longer.

I am committed to Love even when it gets extremely uncomfortable. I step forward, I fall back. And then I step forward again, stable & committed to being open and letting love flow, without reservation.

All because it feels so damn good.

(image: Saatchi Online Artist: MiraBelle Peintre - Sculptrice; Acrylic 2013 Painting "Body Fight")