RISE 2011: fall in love with...

I had the incredible honor to being one of five women on stage with my mentor & Visionary Ellie Drake, discussing what it means to BE at the BraveHeart Women RISE2011 Experience in LA Nov 9-13. This was an incredible time for me to appreciate and enjoy my journey of BEcoming, especially through 2011 when I decided to take "courageous action" towards my dreams. I danced my "freedom dance" in front of 650 women and then sat down with my beautiful peers.I had envisioned this day for two months and I felt such love from the community and simple fulfillment for what 2011 has meant to me.

I had planned to share how the journey of honoring my self and getting out of my own way has transformed me, the way I parent and my relationship with my husband. I had also planned to share what I envision Globally as each woman commits to bringing her Vision to life while being the mother she aspires to be.

I felt physically comfortable on stage, however something happened when it came time to share my journey!

What came out of my mouth was not what I had envisioned at all.

Instead, I spoke about the internal prison we construct for ourselves when we succumb to infertile habits of perfection and procrastination.

I shared how I had stifled personal success from my life because I was scared to take a risk and break free.

The journey out of my internal prison began when I chose to value FREEDOM over doubt & fear. What used to feel safe for me; inaction & doubt, had confined me for so long that I became extremely uncomfortable in that confined space of infertile habits. I had to surrender to the process of restoring my fertility. I had to get out of my own way!

I have contemplated Limitation & Freedom since I was a teen and I have always know that in our core, we are FREE

So what would one template be for inner liberation?

I shared that if we simply choose to FALL IN LOVE WITH GROWING, we can break free from the prison of fear and doubt that challenges so many visionary women.

We may not grow the way we expect. My time on stage rewarded me with the abundant reward of "letting-go" to allow the journey to organically emerge.

We may experience complications along the way. It is not always easy or convenient to honor yourself and it takes courage to put yourself first with life's many demands.

We can embrace the periods of discomfort that arise while we are breaking free of inner limitations.

Although I did not share my Vision the way I expected, I surrender again to this beautiful process of growing organically.

The Universe is always EXPANDING and we must allow ourselves to expand with Life itself.

Perfection is a Prison.

I am learning that becoming totally IN LOVE with growing is where Freedom resides,

through each phase,

each complication

and each abundant reward that emerges.

Ellie shared a beautiful message during RISE 2011:

The journey of BEcoming IS my Destiny.

How simple, profound and liberating.

Wherever you are in your Journey, Here's to Your Vision!

Love Monica