Cecil: A deeper look into the death of a Lion King

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Cecil the Lion tragic death. The big cats; Panthers and Lions have always held a special place in my heart and through the years I have opened to the deeper understanding of why this is so.

In 2013, I received a sudden vision of a "Lion King" and then 2015 began a rapid unfolding that has defied logic and swept me in a direction my conscious mind never imagined although looking back, it all makes perfect sense.

Amidst the global outcry for justice around this killing, I have also noticed that there are those who feel the Lion is receiving too much attention when there are powerful racial, economic, environmental crisis' occurring.

While I am not an astrologer, I have been observing a deep significance around the events taking place in 2015 both astrologically and in our culture as it relates to lion consciousness. On this full moon, I offer another perspective around the event of Cecil's death. My intent for sharing this post is to broaden our collective perspective so that we can consciously receive the golden gift in this tragic event to empower humanity towards the change we so require.

On the full moon of July 1st, 2015, I shared a message around the astrological significance of the moon as it related to the Lion. The July 1st, full moon was in the regal sign of Capricorn. The moon was also accompanied by "The Star of Bethlehem" where Venus and Jupiter were conjunct in their closest proximity to each other. These two planets are regarded as representing feminine and masculine, and by their coming together, represented Union. The last configuration of this kind was reported to have been about 2000 years ago.

What was amazing to me was that this union configuration was at 21 degrees Leo, and when broken down, becomes a 3 in numerology representing the Trinity). Union, as supported by the ancient texts of Hatha Yoga, occurs in the heart where the masculine and feminine come together, the bridge of upper and lower, heaven and earth, yin and yang.

I began to see that everything around the July full moon seemed to point to an initiation or invitation for Humanity to become Lion Hearted people, once again.

I have now learned that Cecil's life was taken on the Full Moon of July 1st.

Do you think it is a coincidence that this beloved lion, who walked with such regal authority and with very special and unique black mane, happened to die on the full moon of Royalty, Union, Responsibility, Universal Law and Courage?

I am in no way suggesting that this is part of a "plan" that exists on the human plane. The organizers of the hunt and hunter had no conscious awareness of what they were participating in. I am offering that a higher plan is being revealed by which we are all participating in, whether we are aware of it or not.

July 26, 2015 - August 8, 2015 represents another auspicious time;  The Lions Gate. When I wrote the July 1st message, I could feel a gateway and thought that it was between February 3 - July 1 (the five month period of which I discovered the Lion's soul number happens to be a 5) however I now see that this period was an activation of the Lion energies leading up to the Lions Gate we now find ourselves in.

Cecil's death has inflamed the hearts of humanity. While some are upset that a Lion should receive such attention while there is death and corruption every day on the streets of America and in the world, we must acknowledge that this, sadly, is nothing new and has been going on for millennia.

What would it take to have a change of heart?

What would it take for humanity to awaken out of the trance and decide no more? Cecil's death is extremely significant in that he is a LION.

The Lion represents the soul essence of humanity and his death is the gift to humanity so that we might all awaken to the truth that this soul essence is within us.

We are lion people. We have forgotten this and are in a powerful period of remembering. And while death, destruction and corruption continue to occur, there has not been (to this date) the change in the consciousness of humanity that will no longer endure this.

I was awakened last night suddenly with a metaphor for this time: "Humanity lives, but are we truly alive??"

Cecil's death hit us in the heart. 
Right where we needed to be hit. Right where we need to feel and redirect our collective attention.

We feel his death because he is US. 
His essence, as a lion, resides within us all.

If we wish to bring an end to the conditions that have ALWAYS been unacceptable - then only a humanity that has awakened the Lion Heart within can do this. Collectively, in Union as ambassadors of peace and love.

Humanity has always pointed fingers towards what we consider to be evil or bad. We have dragged people through the streets and burned them at the stake over and over, and now with social media, we can do this with the click of a button.

Our ability to organize has never been easier nor more powerful. And yet, we have often organized in anger and finger pointing. In so many ways, we have represented the energy or backlash that only the "soulfully" enslaved can project.

What does it look like when we organize as Lion Hearted people?

What does it feel like to live as a Lion Hearted person, in our everyday lives?

Doe we have the courage to make the changes that our heart's have been whispering. Do we have the courage to see that we are One People living on One Earth and that we are not separate?

It takes courage to feel the pain of one who suffers as a result of others taking for their own benefit does it not?

It is good for humanity to rally for justice around Cecil's death. The attention is directed towards Cecil and the hunter, yet it represents so much more.

We are rising up against this death, because he is a symbol of our own awakening. I see the hunter and all involved as having paid a great price so that We The People can get it right this time.

We can get this right!

To that, I offer my gratitude.

We must understand that the Lion Heart is born though the alchemical mystical transformation of the soul who has the courage to face both light and dark, within themselves!

As above So Below. As without So Within.

On the full moon of July 1st, a symbolic star was in the sky, and a Lion King died. With death there also comes rebirth. I wonder if this moon was the day a Lion King died, so the soul essence of humanity could be reborn?

This musing is supported by the amazing realization that two weeks later, there was a new beginning coinciding the new moon of July 15, in the sign of cancer regarded as the sign of the Cosmic Child.

I know many people have difficulty even looking at the images and blogs around Cecil. But in many ways he represents also, the difficulty we have at looking at our own shadow and inner pain. If we were to do this with courage, would it not then be possible for us to access the power from within to face the troubles of our world?

My message is to encourage you to mourn the loss of Cecil or another event that has affected you. Give this mourning its fair attention, let it inflame your heart with compassion and love, with the truth and clarity of the kind of world you CHOOSE to live in.

Seek Justice for Cecil or another cause close to your heart.

And then, know that humanity has been changed for the better. Through the death of a King, we have remembered the Lion Heart within us. The very fire and fuel we require to bring an end to the conditions that are no longer acceptable.

In closing, the July 31 full moon is said to be activating the ancient star system of Regalus. Regalus is in the constellation of Leo and said to be the Lion's Heart!!

Are all these synchronicities simply by chance or is there a wave of illumination sweeping humanity?

I could go on to share so many more significance around this time, but water, moon and children are calling to me now . . . .

update: Incredible numerological synchronicity confirming the Royalty of Cecil