Lets stop pretending. You DO know.

So often we say we don't know what we want.

The truth is that we are scared. We are scared to say "IT" out loud.

To say YES to ourselves. Our dreams.

We are scared that our idea is silly. That the genius idea won't happen, again. That we don't have enough energy. That we will have to risk things we don't want to risk. That our life will change and we will feel sacred, alone or without enough resources.

These fears are all real. But lets not pretend and say "I don't know."

Next time you begin to feel confused around what you want, acknowledge the voice inside that is really saying,

"I want to know that 'IT' can happen. For me. This time."

Then be Loyal to yourself. Acknowledge your desires. You DO know them!

You know because your life has been circling around what you want for years.

Look your desires in the eye. Saying what you want doesn't mean your life has to change today.

It simply means you have chosen to align with yourself.
And this very simple act of inner loyalty will draw everything you need towards you, when you are ready.

(image: FairyDrop)