Fertility phase: your vision needs this

The journey of a pregnant visionary is all about connection. Connection or bonding with ourselves, our spirit, the infinite intelligence and our global community. Nourishment is one of the 4 pillars in each of the 8 phases of the journey that assists us with fostering a deep connection with ourselves.

The challenge with connecting deeply with ourselves is that we often put everybody else before us. It more extreme situations, we may even lose the ability to define how we feel or what we want. Most often, it is because we have forgotten how to put ourselves first.

We may have unconscious beliefs around declaring what we want or need as it may appear bossy, controlling, or god forbid selfish! As a mom of two little ones, I have come to rely on a little "selfishness" because I know how demanding life can feel when we do not nourish ourselves.

Nourishment is especially important because if we are disconnected from ourselves, we will not hear the creative impulses from our Soul and we will find it hard to conceive and nurture a vision.

When we fail to nourish ourselves, we actually create infertility, the state of feeling separate or disconnected to who we are and what we offer to the world.

The Fertility Phase is an opportunity to create new habits and behaviors that will create a solid foundation for our Vision to grow.

This represents one of the biggest shifts in our lives as we begin to take personally responsibility for what we want to create and become aware of how we can slip into infertile habits that prevent us from conceiving and growing our vision.

A visionary who nourishes herself is radiantly pregnant. Radiance grows when we take time to cherish and love who we are BEcoming on this journey.

One way we can nourish ourselves in the Fertility Phase is by mastering the habit of creating PROTECTED TIME.

Protected time is when we do not allow any circumstances to come between our time to connect with ourselves and our Vision. (if already conceive)

When we set time aside, we create an open space to fill with whatever we intuitively feel is right for us.

Even when you have not conceived your calling, the habit of creating protected time is the tool for which you will awaken your inner abundance and passion.

Once we discover the reward of creating protected time, we begin to see how much time we can reclaim, to create and live the life we dream of.

Protected time could involve time each week to belly dance, read, exercise, rest, write, journal, garden, scrapbook, meditate, do yoga....and the list goes on.

Protected time is generally something you do with yourself. So that you can connect with yourself, free from distraction and the myriads of human relationships that usually erect walls and masks that hide our ESSENCE.

The continuous habit of creating protected time for yourself actually releases your Authentic Self because you get to check in with YOU!

Here are some ways to nourish yourself by creating protected time:

1. Spend some time observing when do you feel most creative? What times of the day are the post it notes flying off the pad? When does your mood feel elevated and the day flows? These are your creative times. Take this time for yourself.

2. Figure out the members of your team. Can you release the cleaning, book keeping, lawn mowing, shopping etc to an expert? I hire someone to watch the kids for a few hours each week to help me secure my protected time. This time for set aside just for me elevates me as a mother and I bring my inspiration to then rather than frustration form feeling depleted.

3. Speak to your spouse about what you envision for yourself. Share why it is important for you to have this time to yourself. Figure out ways you can support each other. I want to add here, that even if your vision is not shared by your partner, your challenge and lesson is to create this time for yourself anyway. I discuss the evenings which we can each work on our own Vision/passion and then reserve a date night each week.

4. Learn to say NO! Learn to ask for what you want and release the need for others to approve of or validate your needs.

5. Observe guilt and practice perspective. If you are not in the practice of taking time for yourself, even when it challenges your kids and husband you could feel guilty. Acknowledge the guilt and ask why you feel this way? Why do I feel guilty for loving myself? You may have to convince yourself in the beginning that you are doing the right thing, but once you see that the world will not fall apart in your absence, you will cherish your time and release guilt.

5. Don't ask. When I create my time, I get clear on what I want and then I bring it to my family members. I don't ask if it's OK, but I do respect our schedule and maintain some flexibility, so long as I am not losing my time. You will learn to feel grounded and secure in taking time for yourself, and asking other to adjust their schedule from time to time.

6. One two three. Start small and build on the number of times each week you can dedicate for yourself. Ideally, our habits are broken and we master our time once we can make sacred time a daily ritual for ourselves. Work towards finding time early in the morning or late in the evening, while the kids are napping or in school.

7. Priorities. Consider the energy you bring to your day. Peace begins at home and I am now very aware of how powerful I am as a woman and matriarch of our home. If we lose ourselves in tasks that we do not like, we lower our vibration and this effects every member of the family. Alternately, we can begin by raising our vibration through self nourishment and then address the tasks of the home. This topic includes forming new habits which I will discuss in the next article.

One thing I am beginning to realize is that the more my Vision grows, the more I am having to create a warrior like protection around my Visionary time.

There are countless distractions, and within each of then is a lesson in checking in with ourselves and seeing if we are being taken towards or away from our vision.

Look for more ideas coming soon to nourish yourself so that your inner abundance can flow to you and through you to conceive  your calling,

I want to thank you for being a pregnant visionary,

until next time,

Here's to your Vision