Full Moon in Capricorn July 1, 2015. Lion consciousness in astrology.

On June 30th/July 1st, Jupiter and Venus were conjunct - being the closest together they have been in 2000 years. The conjunction occurs at 21 degrees Leo and the planetary alignment has been named the "Star of Bethlehem."

While this time was very auspicious, the significance of this time really feels to have been initiated on the full moon in Leo, on February 3, 2015.  During this February full moon, so many of us felt the activation of Leo energies. We were invited to have the courage to live our truth and radiate the fulness of our authentic selves. Leo invited us to Shine brightly!!

When we look at what the lion symbolizes, many think of Courage. Courage is often related to the heart - to have a courageous heart - and so what if the February full moon was an invitation by Leo to become more Lionhearted?

What would it look like to shine brightly? To have the courage to live our truth? To live powerfully and with purpose?

For the next 5 months we embraced the energies of each moon and it felt as though we were being urged deeper and deeper into the core of our heart's TRUTH.

Then we came to the Solstice on June 21, 2015 where the sun rests in its highest position in our hemisphere. Immediately following Solstice, we arrived at the full moon in Capricorn with the Jupiter/ Venus conjunction at 21 degrees Leo.

What is interesting is that the Lion is associated with the Sun and with Royalty; the King of Beasts.

Capricorn is also referred to as a royal or regal sign. Jupiter and Venus are considered masculine and feminine signs respectively. With these two planets coming together, it would be natural to see that there is a merging of the masculine and feminine at 21 degrees Leo.

In eastern traditions, and specifically in Hatha Yoga ancient texts suggest that union occurs in the heart , the Anahata or heart chakra represented by the beautiful sacred geometry of the two merged and inverted triangles known as the "Star of David."

Looking again at this period of time that spans a 5 month window from February 3 - July 1st , it would appear that it began with the invitation to explore what is true for each of us, to courageously live our heart's deepest truth and then closes with a beautiful merging of the masculine and feminine within ourselves, at the heart center, at 21 degrees Leo.

Dare I mention the significance of 21? In numerology, 21 is separated and added, 2+1=3. The number 3 represents the trinity, and it is a sign of soulful service and expression.

This regal full moon in Capricorn also represents the sign of responsibility and rules, of maturity . . . .but wait, before you shudder at the idea of rules and responsibility, is it possible that we have reshaped our perception of rules into a new framework by which to live by?

We are after all, living in a universe that is held together by universal laws.

These Universal rules are not up to us.

We cannot change them, yet we are being asked to honour and respect them - to live responsibly  - as lionhearted people in accordance with universal law that ensures balance with Mother Earth and ALL Beings.

Living as ONE with each other and Mother Earth is a path filled with reverence. A path of deep love and appreciation for life. During this conjunction we see that Venus, the planet of LOVE, is essential in this union.

During the July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn we received the opportunity to reset ourselves internally and externally and to come together as community.

We are in times where collective intent is very powerful. The veil is thin.

How might we embrace these moons to reset our intentions with more courage and Lionheartedness?

Will we choose to become ALL that we are and take full responsibility for it?

2015 is a time to explore our Potential on a grand scale.

When we have the courage to dream the impossible and follow our heart, we find that the impossible becomes possible.