How to tap into your fertile abundance

Let's take time each Friday to connect with our creative fertility. Your creative fertility is essential because it is fertility that invites the infinite stream of possibility into our lives where we can conceive of our Highest Calling. One way you can restore or continue to nurture your fertility is to shift how you relate to your desires.

We may have a deep longing or desire to mother a vision of our own, yet so often we speak as though we will never HAVE what we desire.

Words like "I don't know my purpose" or "I don't have a vision" deplete our creative fertility.

You deep longing is made infertile when we pinch off the creative stream to possibility by saying "we don't know."

Words are the outward expression of your inner state. When we say we "don't have" or "don't know" we are really saying we feel unworthy or not deserving of having and nurturing a vision of our own.

For many years my deep longing went nowhere, because I was not honoring my inner wealth. I was not honoring that "having a vision" was already within me, if only I would awaken to my own fertile abundance!

One way we can awaken & nourish our fertility is by uniting our desires and intentions.

Let's shift our words from "don't know" and "don't have" to begin asking questions:

What are my unique gifts? What do I want to conceive and birth?


What I seek is already within me. I already have.

Everything we seek is made available to us as we continue to nourish our fertility.

It is fertile abundance that will enable us to conceive and grow our vision.

This weekend, be mindful of how you feel and relate to your passion.

Rather than declaring absolutes, invite space by asking questions.