It's not about deserving better. You get what you get and so much more.

Each time I see a post or an image quote on FB about "deserving better" it mystifies me. There's something about this word that feels so incomplete. I have noticed that whenever I have felt I "deserved better" I am simultaneously missing the lesson offered within the experience.

We have all said it at one time; "She deserves so much better than that lousy bum" while she continues to stay and suffer. Or she may leave her situation and then find herself in the same predicament again (and again), each time hoping that it will be different.

We all want to be loved.
No one is more deserving of this than another.
We wish we were better loved and cared for in our childhood, but in most cases, we were not.

Did we "deserve" a better childhood?
Or do we receive the one we had with the grace and understanding that it is part of a much bigger story playing out in our lives.

We are in a messy and magical life experience.

We come together to find ourselves in patterns that stem from very old, dense emotional conditioning & responses.

We come together to become "enlightened" to our patterns so that we can release them.

As we become illuminated to our patterns, we don't say:
I deserve better.

We know that a shift has occurred and we are no longer a match for the current circumstances.

As we become illuminated to our patterns, we don't say;
I deserve better.

We acknowledge our part in the story.

We take responsibility for how we contributed to the drama and we see ourselves as imperfectly human, finding our way, just as the people in our lives (who have even hurt us) are also finding their way.

We don't come together to intentionally hurt each other.
We all want to be loved.
We come together to play out the major patterns in our life so we can be liberated into a life of unconditional love and compassion.

We come together to guide ourselves towards the realization of wholeness.

When paths separate, wish them "well", these special ones you drew into your life to learn from.
Find the place in your heart that feels immense gratitude for teaching you what you needed to learn at this point.

We don't deserve better.
We have received exactly the experience we asked for and it's up to us to accept this.

And then realigning yourself, armed with a new vibration and a new awareness that will bring about your next messy magical life experience.

As your heart is blown wide open, again and again, and through this opening, you feel how much Love is available to you,

. . . it's never again, about deserving better.