Lion spirit medicine. Becoming Lionhearted


Lion symbolism is embedded in humanity's history as to help us remember our true nature. The Lions remind us of our true and royal legacy, they represent the sun and gold, wisdom, strength, courage, patience, mastery . . .they also help us to face our Ego, emotions of pride and anger and bridge the lion and the lamb within ourselves so that we can walk in Peace, Compassion and Understanding.

The White Lions are Star Gods representing Christ Consciousness. They remind us of our purity, light, potential and lineage of Peace that we have chosen to come here and co-create.

The Lionheart is seeded in EVERY individual.

Are you being initiated into Lion Consciousness?

Here are some of the qualities of a Lionhearted person:

Committed to Truth You value Truth as a powerful catalyst for change and growth. You know that speaking your truth with love, sets you free. You stand up for truth, even if you need to roar. You are mastering saying NO so that you can say YES to your deeper truth.

Walk the Heart Path You are stepping boldly into actualizing the dreams in your heart. You refuse to close your heart, even in the face of hurt because you know have chosen a path of love. You see vulnerability as a strength.

Cultivate Self Love You know that Love for Self is your highest path. You are committed to giving yourself what you seek from others. You water your heart with compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. You know that loving yourself is the most powerful way to spread love and peace on the planet.

Follow the Signs The mystery of life is revealing itself to you and you trust your intuition. You receive signs on your path as confirmation and synchronicity is occurring more and more.

In Flow You are tuning into Earth and Star energies and receiving guidance from Source, and your Higher Self. This connection is where you find your fuel, vision and creative inspirations.

Committed to Self Mastery You go deep within yourself, layer by layer learning how to shift pain into power. You take responsibility for your life and choose to be all that you are. You know the answers are within and shifting to an inner directed life.

Are Courageous You know change is necessary to be true to your heart. You are boldly making changes in your life to reflect your authentic truth. You are releasing your desire for approval from others as you become stronger in your truth.

Reclaiming Power You desire to be self actualized, autonomous and radiant, from the inside out. You are shifting away from victim mindset to one of power by seeing the gifts in your journey. You are tapping into the energies of the inner shaman. You are becoming more gentle, yet you feel your inner power growing.

Walking the Path of Beauty You are more and more humbled by life and see Grace unfolding around you. You are seeing with new eyes and deeply moved by the simple everyday moments of beauty.

Desire to Serve and Express Your Inner Gifts You are stepping onto the path of Spirit and feel moved to make a difference in your own unique way. You are beginning to seek out collaboration and community. You desire to share your inner gifts and talents for the betterment of humanity.

Embracing the Compassionate AND Fierce VOICE. You are waking up to injustices of the world and feeling the inner lion rising to add your voice. You are fierce about protecting values that honor the basic rights of humanity. If you are a parent, you do not follow the mainstream, you understand LEGACY, you know the power of light, you choose peace through NO violence yet you are not afraid to step forward and say NO More.

Finding your Tribe You no longer desire to "do it alone" and seek out community, collaboration, support and opportunities that benefit ALL. You are releasing relationships with love that no longer serve and finding that your soul tribe is showing up in magical ways!

The MiKA Malas vision is simple.

By having the courage to honor the deepest desires of our Heart, we step onto our highest creative path.

Creativity and Leadership have the power to transform the world. 

I believe the Peace, Harmony, Balance and Connection we desire in our own lives and the world requires us to become Lionhearted People once again.

We are ready for new inspired models of collaboration, uniting creativity and leadership, to support the uplifting of Humanity and the preservation of our Planet.

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