Loneliness is completeness in waiting. Dealing with loss.

When dealing with loss, there comes a time when you simply have to move through it. No matter how loss arrives; the completion of a relationship, the idea of the life you had planned, a passionate business venture that went array, financial loss, uncertainty and most certainly death; the act of being busy, tea with girlfriends, working, shopping, unconscious indulging in wine and food is no longer enough to alleviate the breathtaking feeling of loneliness.

Abandonment, neglect, rejection, and betrayal have been my greatest teachers. Throughout my life, I have fought hard to save myself from the unbearable feeling of loneliness. I mistakenly believed that this feeling would be too much for me to bear and so I have made many choices to stay safe or completely check out, rather than face the Teacher of Loss.

An awakening woman must cross the threshold of loneliness to liberate her own sense of completeness. Walking towards loneliness and choosing to BE alone for a time, is not the same as living in isolation & separation.

How revolutionary would it be to welcome loneliness when it arrives? To invite the experience of loss into our being and hold it tight against our heart. To embrace loneliness while knowing that a great cycle of cleansing is taking place with every tear that wells up and spills over.

How revolutionary would it be to practice our ancient healing wisdom with courage, knowing that we are transforming lifetimes of unconscious suffering each time we invite our deepest human fears back into our heart to be purified.

Wouldn't we see that every experience of loss brings to surface the same loneliness that is aching to be lifted into the light?

Wouldn't we see that every experience in our lives is created and born from our Soul's desire to be Free.
 -- born from our desire to love deeply and completely.

To know unconditional love we must embrace that the Teacher of Loss is showing us the way through loneliness so that we might offer ourselves to love from our own completeness.

We must walk with courage towards loneliness and trust that instead of our soul being annihilated in the presence of such intensity, it is loneliness that dissolves.

It has been hard for us to move through our greatest human fears. We have tried to avoid loneliness in our lives and unconsciously kept the experience of Unconditional Love at arms reach.

As we courageously nurture ourselves through loneliness, we see our fear patterns and daily habits that have keep us safe,
We see fear based needs that have been projected on to others that only keep us from experiencing the depth of connection and love we desire.

And then we begin to see upheaval and loss with fresh eyes.
We begin to lean into an inner peace amidst big life transitions.

Everything is God.
Walk with courage towards loneliness, it holds the key to your completeness.