The money ache, staying true to who you are & how to find your wealth code.

Feeling frustrated that your creative prodigy is not making the money you were hoping for?

You may have already created much 'success' in your life but found yourself feeling empty at the finish line.

You may have lost touch with your creative spirit while you mindfully raised your children.

Either way, I'm sure you desire the fulfillment that comes from earning a living from your passion.

I know that growing a soul based vision does not = being broke, and that's why the  'money ache' sucks.

There is a way through it . . . light at the end of the birthing tunnel, so to speak.

I am finding my way now as I begin to create my first digital program Surrender to Done.

The way through is to see the 'money ache' is a symptom of the Pregnancy Phase (first and second trimester) as you pour your inner wealth into your creative vision so that your value becomes valuable to others.

It takes patience. Lots of it.

In this short video on the beach, I share the most important way for you to be sure you are creating a life that is an extension of who you are a woman so that your inner wealth becomes the outer wealth that you deserve as you draw closer to the birthing phase.