MiKA Malas: The visions that shaped a creative lionhearted mission


I am learning that there is a mysterious place where our dreams and the dreams of the universe come together. This space is possible when reason is suspended for a time so that a vision that exceeds our wildest imagination can come through in its fullness.When the dreams of the heart and the universe unite in the human body, the recipient is transformed to the core.So here is one such story:I believe that through simplicity  - we can become the powerful agents of positive change in the world.

What if being a leader and making a difference was more simple than we thought?

This modern era causes us to ceaselessly hustle for an outcome that is deprived of the very experiences we yearn for;  inner peace and human connection.

What if, by simply honoring the dreams in our heart, we could find peace within ourselves and create peace in the world?

I knew peace was possible as a child, even while I sensed adults felt one way and acted another, often in ways that drained them of their Joy. As a teen, I stood on my soapbox in the family kitchen arguing about the wars between Israel and Palestine, unwilling to accept that human life should be destined to unending conflict, suffering and ultimately separation. I was always told; "Your dreams and ideas for peace are just not possible, there are thousands of years of conflict that people cannot simply let go of."

In my late teens and early adulthood, I was initiated into healing my own inner suffering after three back to back traumas forced me to choose: heal or die. Several years later as I prepared to become a mother, I made the vow that ancestral conflict would END with me. And so from a young age, I was thrust on a lifetime journey of self healing, making peace with my past and stepping into my divine purpose.

I still believe Peace is Possible in OUR lifetime.

Have you ever heard that what you loved as a child, is where your bliss can be found?As you can see, I have a thing for Lions. For as long as I can remember, the big cats have always captivated me.

I thought it was only an innocent adoration of big cats  . . . until April 2013.

On the last day of a vacation in Maui, I had a vision.

I was in the middle of a huge life transition and I didn't want to leave Maui just yet, so I changed my ticket to stay one extra night and attend a special yoga class with the women I traveled with.

And so 2 hours before I was to jump on the plane back home, I landed on my yoga mat soaking up every last moment of Maui and the amazing teacher.

I was facing a white stucco wall when I saw The Face emerge. It was a man, perhaps African, Polynesian, Maori . . .I couldn't tell for sure. He had the presence of a shaman and I could tell he was the leader in his community. I watched him as he surveyed the land, with a staff in his hand. Then I saw the perimeter of his face transform into rays of sunlight and then into a lions mane.

I asked: "Who are you?"

He said; "Sun King. Lion King."

And that was it. I left the class early (faux pas!) to catch my flight and upon arriving home, I would move out of my married home and into the bumpy transition of separation and shared custody of our two small children.

I learned nothing more of this Sun King/Lion King until August 2014 when I had another vision while in deep meditation.

During 2014, I was immersed in exploring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. I has just returned from a life changing trip to Peru where I experienced a powerful healing through plant medicine.

I was not raised with religion, I don't know scripture to save my life and I can count the times I've been in church on one hand, yet I felt a longing to move very deep into Truth and so I asked the purest examples of the Divine Feminine and Masculine (that I knew of as there are many) to walk with me; namely Jeshua/Christ and Mary Magdalene.

In this second vision, a black panther came to me.

I received guidance for some time and then I asked; "How shall I know you?"

The panther replied, "Mika" My logical mind doubted the name but I heard; "Let go and trust."

After the visual meditation, I was curious about the name Mika, and so naturally I went to Google.

I discovered the Japanese meaning is "Sweet Fragrance" and the Hebrew meaning is "Gift from God"

What I discovered next, dropped me to my knees.

I googled "sweet fragrance" and "panther" and came upon a legend that speaks of the panther who eats and then retreats to his/her cave for 3 days and then emerges again and roars over the land. All the people in the land can hear this roar and they also smell the sweetness of the panthers breath which is said to lure the enemy (darkness) in to be eaten (transformed into sweetness) by the panther.

As I continued to explore, I found that there is a connection with the panther, sweetness and Christ, as representing those who walk in the light of Christ (Christ Consciousness) are said to emit a sweet fragrance!

It was in that moment that I knew Christ and Mary were walking with me, as I had asked. I was deeply moved and humbled.

Then I remembered I attended a traditional First Nations sweat ceremony in 2005 and that I had seen a black panther leap through the space. I had dismissed it as a dizzy sweaty vision the time, not realizing that the animal appeared for a reason!

As I began to explore the totem medicine Panther offers, I realized that my life has always been guided by panther medicine. It was through panther medicine that I was able to find light in the darkness and transform pain into gifts for awakening.

This experience was awe-inspiring for me yet, it still did not link me to the Sun King / Lion King vision.

It wasn't until January 2015 that the pieces would begin to come together in over 10 months of undeniable downloads & synchronicity.

On December 26, 2014, on my 42 birthday, and on the beginning of a new 7 year cycle, I met a man. He was an unlikely boyfriend. I was puritan, he was a smoker and drinker. I was spiritual, he was not. (an assumption by me that I later realized as my own naivety for trying to label anyone as anything!!)  He is also white man, a Leo, born in Zimbabwe and with many artifacts from Africa in his home, including spears and/or staffs mounted on the wall.

Was this my Lion King??

Later in January 2015 I woke up one night to find that there were 5 light beings surrounding me and performing a sacred healing on me. I was completely calm, reverent of their presence and content. They transferred light thru my solar plexus, and then I became aware that I was being "branded" at the heart with a sacred symbol that would later become part of the MiKA Talisman. When I woke up in the morning, you can imagine the first thing I did was look at my chest to see if there was a mark!

On February 3, 2015, I hosted a full moon in Leo gathering at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery, something I had been doing twice a month for the last 9 months. It was a wonderful gathering and I felt the community rise into the energies of Leo as the message of "finding the courage to live your truth" was shared by the facilitator.

The very next day, I received an email, sharing a transmission from an oracle I'd never heard of. I skimmed it over until I read the word "Prophecy of the White Lions" and I was suddenly very alert.

Google again!!

I came across an interview with Linda Tucker. She is the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. As I heard about her organization and the modern day risks to the white lions and their profound spiritual significance, I was emotionally moved beyond anything I've experienced.

I was almost hysterical.

I immediately downloaded and began reading her Book "Mystery of the White Lions."

So there were seemingly four "unrelated" events in my life - my event work in a pyramid, a new boyfriend who is a Leo born in Zimbabwe, a visitation and imprinting of a sacred symbol upon my chest and a sudden obsession with white lions.

As I read Linda's book, I began to experience a series of downloads or knowledge streaming through. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a phrase or words, and then the next day, I would be approached by a stranger who would provide additional "clues" to the next steps in the unfolding.

It was hard to hide the fact that I was having "an experience" so I shared everything with my new boyfriend. I am sure he was totally overwhelmed yet he thanked me for being true to who I am. The very next day he left a beautiful gift on my front step. A pewter lion with a rainbow crystal faceted ball between his paws along with a little note saying "Follow your lioness heart."

Two weeks later, we parted ways. I am forever grateful to the unlikely catalyst who showed up on my birthday to give me the gift of a lifetime.

The book was a catalyst that brought to the surface many ancient memories and knowings within me. I began to download the information faster than I could read the next chapter, and I was always delighted to find that Linda was sharing what I was intuiting also!

I learned of the nilotic meridian  - a straight line that connects that the pyramids of Egypt, Zimbabwe and Timbavati. This was so interesting to me as my work involves pyramids, I met a man from Zimbabwe and I had a vision of the Sun King - the White Lions of Timbavati.

Then the pieces of the puzzle began to click together.

All the mystery and curiosity I had around Egypt, the gods, the symbols, sacred geometry, the earth, the cosmos, the human body came together in a profound realization, remembering and knowing.

Then I found the deeper significance around the Lion King/Sun King Vision that I had been looking for:

Linda writes that after her Lion Guardian Ingwavuma was shot in 2000 by canned hunters, she visited an oracle (it was an oracle whom also enlightened me to the prophecies) to see if there was any message from her lion. She did not provide any info, other than a relative had died.

The oracle began to describe what she saw; "a leader, king, overlooking the land with a staff in his hand"

When Linda identified to her that this was a lion, the oracle laughed as she could see a lot of tawny hair on his face!

The vision the oracle saw for Linda was remarkably close to the vision I had seen in Maui - seeing the man holding a staff with a king or leader presence and the lions mane around his face.

Then I read on to discover that the symbol that was branded on my chest was the Star of David, nearly always associated with a lion and referred to as The Lion of Judah.

As a 15 year practitioner of yoga, I only knew the symbol as the Anahata, the symbol representing the HEART where the upper and lower, heaven and earth, yin and yan, masculine and feminine, light and dark and so on . . .merge or UNITE. The meaning of yoga is to yolk or union and the whole practice, that goes far beyond asana practice, is to lead us into Union.

Linda writes;

"The unprecedented connection between the White Lion and priests, kings, prophets and seers throughout history has its deep connection to the stars, the constellation of Leo and the beings that helped in the construction of the pyramids, the Sphinx and all the astronomical sites like Stonehenge.  The White Lion bridges humans to not only their own true spiritual nature of love but to the stars themselves.  As with the Lion of Judah, the Lions of God bring a message of Christ Consciousness, one of unity and of ancient truth that can help humanity transform through the coming changes.  If we listen."

So there I was, with TWO big cat visions leading back to Christ Consciousness . A White Lion and a Black Panther.

How divinely perfect!!!

During the 10 month period, each time I stepped towards the white lions by sharing parts of the downloads with others, life would respond back by placing me in a "you can't make that up!" synchronicity.

During the lion consciousness awakening, I decided it was time for me to go deeper into breathwork training. The breath and yoga had been a significant part of my transformation and MiKA had also spoken to me of the breath and so I began to look for training that felt good to me.

I came across Shamanic Breathwork and a training happening in Bali and set my intentions on going. I connected with the group and was interviewed. During the interview, I shared some information about my life that few people know and even more rare, people whom have experienced the same. I learned that I was in good company as there were a couple women who had gone thru a similar experience in their early twenties. This a big sign that I was in the right place.

During this time, I continued my pyramid moon gathering work, holding both Africa and Bali in my heart, not knowing how I could manage two trips and wishing that I did not have to choose!!

Out of the blue I was contacted my a woman who asked if I had any interest in hosting a Shaman from Africa for a moon gathering. I was thrilled and in awe that Africa was coming to US!! I learned he was from Mali, and this was amusing to me as it sounded to much like Bali and so I felt this link between Bali and Africa merging.

A few weeks later, I received an email from the Shamanic Breathwork people saying that they had partnered with the White Lion Group for a Shamanic White Lion Breathwork  journey in Africa!!!!! I was in tears. I had no idea they were connected and my dream had merged. This is when I knew that I was meant to be on this trip with this group and everything from there accelerated.

While all the signs in my life were pointing to the white lions, I also noticed a powerful Lion theme emerging in the 2015 astrologically and then came the tragic death of Cecil the Lion, on July 1st 2015.

With the death of Cecil the Lion, the whole world was suddenly inflamed with lion consciousness and an outcry for justice and protection for ALL animals.

Going back to the name Mika, meaning "gift from God" I also learned that the meaning of KA is Spirit.

Ka is part of MerKaBa or "light spirit body" represented by star tetrahedron geometry which, in two dimension looks like two inverted triangles - the Star of David, the Anahata, or  Solomon's Seal.

"The Ka was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body." (source)

What fascinated me even more is that Credo Mutwa, the spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa says that Merkaba (one word) was a Zulu word meaning space/time/dimension vehicle. According to Zulu legend his entire tribe had come from another dimension here to Earth using the Merkaba.

Much of Linda's book was written during years of mentoring from African Lion Shaman's Credo Mutwa and Maria Khosa. This symbol arrived on my chest TWO weeks before I had ever heard of Linda or the White Lions.

I have continuously wondered why my vision was in Maui. Why there?

I recently learned that Maui, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Timbavati…are all on the Golden Meridian of First Time: Zep Tepi. So the Lion King vision, a love from Zimbabwe, my work in a pyramid, and the origin the White Lions have now formed a beautiful circle that continues to expand.

While the journey over the last two and a half years has taken me around the world, to the ancient mysteries and sacred symbols, the most profound journey has been INTO the Heart of what truly lives within each one of us.

I wish to close by sharing that this story is really "a happening" that happened to and through me. The signs were so powerful - I really had no choice but to listen!!!

I am not special in any way. There are many many people all over the world who have been and will continue to be, initiated by the lions.

I continue to be open and willing to trust the signs and suspend reason long enough so that the mysterious place where our dreams and the dreams of the universe are born can come together and lead me into possibilities I could never have imagined.

So you see, this vision truly IS simple.

With a childhood fascination for lions, a desire to nourish my creative spirit, make a difference in the world AND be present to raise my two beautiful children, I have been initiated into lionheartedness AND received a lionhearted vision that is profoundly simple yet also powerful.

The keys to unlocking the ancient mysteries, the Truth of who we are, and the magic of creation can all be found within the Heart.

The MiKA Malas are symbols to remind you of who you are.

They are talismans to connect you to the Magic that lies within YOU.

They were created to empower you with courage during times of struggle or darkness. When we rouse the lionheart within us and walk courageously through the darkness, we find these challenges become gifts of illumination on the path.

When we open our eyes and truly see in the dark, just like the panther, this sight transforms our lives into the sacred path of Beauty. There is beauty in your journey - and this is the key cultivating inner peace. 

As we awaken, our hearts become inflamed with Love.  We find courage, vision, energy and voice to share our MiKA (Gift from God) with the world. 

We are all here for a purpose. There is a unifying thread that connects us all to a destiny greater than we have allowed ourselves to imagine.

Our lives are a Gift. YOU are a gift.

We each have a unique "Gift from God" to serve humanity in the way that feels true to our heart.

With awakening compassion, we rise to say NO MORE to the conflict and the abuse of Men, Women, Children, Animals and the Earth

MiKA Malas' mission is to unite lionhearts in a global humanitarian community and bring our love, courage, compassion and power to those who need it most.

I believe Peace begins with this simple yet powerful declaration: The conflict ends with ME.

I have always believed Peace is Possible.Peace is our Destiny. And when Lionhearted People Unite  - Peace Is Possible in OUR lifetime.