Rocked by change + burning thru fear

The Transformational FireSometimes it can feel as though you are living in the core of a volcano. Sudden and dramatic changes seem to erupt that you have little or no control over.

These events are here to shake up your foundation, usually the comfort of secirity, to guide you deeper into the truth of your heart. So many of us are moving through BIG SHIFTS right now, our inner and outer worlds being "rocked" into alignment.

Big events have a way of illuminating your core values. TRUST is required, and the courage to respond at every stage of change.

Spirit is guiding you, always. NOTHING is happen chance.

Open your arms a little wider, dance with the fear that comes up as you fall into the rhythm of being rocked by change. If you find yourself losing your footing, shift your rhythm, change the music, let go a little more, tend to yourself and keep moving into the core of your heart.

BREATHE. The volcano is HOT because it is burning through fear. This is something to celebrate, this is LOVE.

How can you surrender to the heat in your life just a little bit more?

(image source: origial unknown, accessed via pinterest