so you won't date a feminist?

monica I am the new face of feminism. Its amusing to me that a woman awakened to her true nature and having a deep reverence for ALL life on this planet, so much so that she is empowered to take a stand for herself and her community for peace, love and harmony for ALL, renders her a "Feminist" and "un-date-able."

What does not amuse me is that for too long, women have carried the pain of horrendous suffering against women and children. For too long we have silently circled together, tending to each other as sisters, the carriers of life, in the face of life being taken away, abused, suppressed, possessed, manipulated and completely disregarded.

To the men (@maximumtrent) who have "taken a stand" and declared that feminists make a choice between being a "feminist" or being "date worthy," I say this to you:

I don't want you to date me.

I'm more interested in aligning with men, whether it be platonic or romantic who choose to do the work to heal their own inner demons and reclaim their inner warrior. The awakened, passionate, peaceful and heart centered warrior that would also have you EMPOWERED and no longer tolerating the inhumane way women, children, animals and our dear planet (that we have the sacred gift of calling home) are treated. Just as I, an empowered woman, have done the work within myself and can no longer bear the weight of these injustices.

If being an awakened woman with a clear sense of purpose that includes ‪#‎sacredactivism‬ to nurture, uphold and celebrate ALL life on this planet so that we - together as humanity - realize Peace, Love and Harmony for ALL - makes me a Feminist - SO BE IT.

I did not come here to make you feel comfortable. I did not come here to tiptoe and avoid the issues that might have me say and do things that challenge you to look within, step up, and step forward in service of humanity.

I came here to Awaken, Heal and serve LIFE to the best of my ability.

Am I the new face of feminism?

It never occurred to me until you took a stand the other day by declaring that "we feminist women" make a choice. To me, this is yet another example of the subtle voice of "suppression" that divides and conquers rather than unites and liberates.

I've had to make many choices in my life, simply because I am a woman (and my first world choices pale in comparison to my sisters who live each day under the brutal thumb of oppression and fear) so your "invitation" to choose between FREEDOM FOR ALL and dating "you" holds no weight in my consciousness.

Let me be clear:

My wild, radiant and awakened feminine heart also has a deep desire:

The desire for YOU to STAND WITH ME.

With US.

The deep desire to live in Harmony, and protect ALL LIFE on our planet, including the rights of women and children, makes all of US - ALL of us - HUMAN BEINGS. Not feminists - but rather EMBODIED SPIRITS with AWAKENED HEARTS and a PASSIONATE desire for FREEDOM for all.

And because the awakened "feminist" stands in both in her Grace and Power, this response need not be a lengthy one.

In closing,

I may not be "date material" for you, but let me ask you one thing?

Will you make the choice YOURSELF . . . and TAKE A STAND instead, for LIFE, LOVE and FREEDOM for all?