Spring Equinox: nourishing the soil of your soul

As today promises the birth of spring and new possibility in the Northern Hemisphere, lets also take the time to acknowledge the winter we have come through.

The cycle of winter reminds us to have faith that the light will soon return. There were times when you thought the darkness of winter would never end. As the freshness of spring arrives again, acknowledge that all your experiences through the winter have also been the work of Source in your life. Let us also acknowledge how the tears we have shed through the long winter have nourished and enriched our soul, in preparation for this time of renewal.

The urge is to leap into the blossoming of spring, yet there may still be fall & winter debris that have not been integrated. In your haste to bask in the returning light, do not discard this special time to prepare the soil of your soul.

Take the time to acknowledge any debris left on the surface of your experience. What are the nutrients being offered to you? Receive them and be nourished.

What are you emerging from? Take time to honor your journey.

Do you need to release anything else that does not serve the vision emerging within you? Let go and create a little more space for the expansion of your life.

Notice how you have been enriched by all the cycles of your life. Just like the seasons, your experiences, struggles, passions, desires, always come full circle. There is purpose to every season!

Every season is the opportunity to move a little closer to love.

Happy Spring Equinox from my heart to yours! ♥

(image: Caroline White Photography)