The ache of desire and the illusion of being without


Desire burns through me, like fire set free in a field of grass.

It's uncomfortable, but this time I'll let it burn  - wild.

Desire doesn't have to tamed or met. It's purpose simply is.

As we let go, we begin to feel lighter and more spacious. We may find that we breathe more deeply than we have in a long while. And just as we begin to breathe again, a yearning, ache, desire and deep longing emerges.

Longing can feel uncomfortable but we must not be fooled into believing (as we might have before) that it means we are "without."

We also might be fooled into thinking that we must "do" something to ease the discomfort and then find that whatever we do, just doesn't feel  "right" anymore.

We might begin to see how reacting to the discomfort of longing brought us out of alignment.

How we tried to fill up the "emptiness" so we wouldn't feel the ache of not having what we longed for.

But we were mistaken. We've never been without.

When the ache of desire surfaces after a period of clearing out, we can shift from solving or suppressing the longing into receiving it as fuel for change.

Longing serves us. Longing isn't a problem to be solved.

Instead, we can feel how our creative life force energy is responding to the spaciousness we have created from all our clearing out.


The ache of desire breathes new life into us again.

Life that was always there, but when we couldn't breathe, we couldn't see

We always had everything we desire.


There is an exquisite invitation the ache of desire offers to each of us:

When we find ourselves nestled between action & non-action, doing & being, inspiration & reflection . . .

and desire is burning through our veins,

Can we begin to see that even while we experience the ache of desire we can experience FULLness. Experiencing how the longing ripples through us, Revealing our aliveness. Inviting us to receiving life as it is. Today.

We no longer need to live habitually in the past or future because we receive longing as "being without"

We no longer need to react in discomfort and do crazy things to satisfy, suppress, & ease the ache of desire

and when there is nothing to "do" with longing,

what if . . . .

we see desire and longing as an invitation to Play?

Can we open up, stretch our arms, and let even more of this life force energy flood our Being?

Desire IS life. It is YOU.

It is this energy that seeds the Universe.

It is movement after stillness.

Spinning the seed of  desire into spaciousness, we can let go,

And be at Peace.


We might discover that without doing anything We can be content with the longing, just as it is

We can open up to the joyous realization that

We are here NOW, in all the fullness and enough-ness that Desire offers.

Desire has not to be destroyed, it has to be purified. Desire has not to be dropped, it has to be transformed. Your very being is desire; to be against it is to be against yourself and to be against all.

BE SO TOTALLY FREE FROM DESIRE THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE, that you are always able to choose to have or not to have. Then you are really free. And then you will have both the creativity, the celebration, the joy of desires, AND the silence and the peace and the calmness of desirelessness. ~ OSHO

Gratitude to Candice Holdorf and her thought provoking update