The greatest practice of my life

You are worthy of your time. For years I had no idea that I felt unworthy of my loving attention. This used to sound too crazy to admit but I know now that this is true for so many women.

I thought everything I was doing was great, good, right and this made me worthy of my life. Pouring all my love into my children, supporting my husband, discovering and leaning into my purpose, mending my old relationships, healing my past...etc. made me more worthy of the life I was given.

Purpose-filled and passionate living has been a joy so I had no idea that it was burning me out until I realized, I was burnt out.

Even with my history of self healing and living a very healthy lifestyle were not enough to prevent me from burning out in the early years of raising my two little ones.

This has been the greatest practice of my life.

While there were many non negotiable's in my life, taking consistent sacred time & space for ME was not one of them. I simply didn't know how to care for myself. I didn't know there was another way. And honestly, I didn't know that at the root of it all, there was a "self worth' issue.

Self care is more than just eating right and taking time to do yoga. Even the discipline around "being healthy" can come from a self loathing place when it is driven by control and inflexibility. Self care is more than self analysis, awareness and self reflection, even this can be a very subtle way to be hard on oneself.

Self care is the art and practice of self loving. It's a very gentle practice that is ultimately forgiving and compassionate to ourselves. We can do all the right things on the outside, however deepest healing begins as we discover we are worthy of our whole attention and love, especially in those moments where we might gasp and want to turn away from ourselves.

You are worthy of your time. Not in the future, but NOW.

You are worthy of your time when things are a mess and when things are marvelous.

Take a minute to receive this thought into your body and heart. Let it ripple through you.

You are worthy of your loving attention each and every day.

How you might offer yourself some love today?

(image: RoxanaVilla)