the love affair that never was + insights on Union

union I recently met a man. He was everything I have ever desired. Everything.

Because we met online - we began to text each other. I received Rumi poetry and long text bombs of adoration, plus hours on the phone. He spoke of union, cherishing, adoration, taking our time to explore etc. He spoke the language of an evolved man and it made my heart melt into a big sloppy puddle. This was the first real romance I've had in nearly one year. It was all perfectly timed with The Ecstasy of Being and I felt as though my dreams were all unfolding at once!

After several days of beautiful exploring, we finally met in person. I was shocked to find he had not been honest with himself or me. His pictures were from years ago, the beautiful words the spoke, not yet embodied in his heart or actions in daily life. I felt so disappointed. I couldn't shake the incredible sadness I felt. I was willing to take the risk. I had completely opened up. I had fallen for the idea of Union with partner.

This was a clear soul connection. With so much in common, we both brought powerful gifts and lessons to support each other. So I gathered the gifts, said my final goodbye, and over the new couple of days, I let go of what was not to be.

Although this union was not meant to be, it affirmed in me that Exquisite self-care  - the meeting of ourselves and offering love - cultivates Union within.

As an awakening woman  - You are in Union.

You may not realize this though. I wouldn't have considered myself to be in union while deep in the abyss of a transitional year but looking back now . . . I see the union.

Union is a dance between energies. We can look towards the feminine & masculine descriptions to help point us in this direction, while also releasing attachment to what we "learn" as being feminine or masculine.

In this way - we allow ourselves de-focus, to step back, to step in, hear the music of our Being and explore a dance where we know both energies simply ARE.

The feminine is immersed in the rhythm, the tone, the feeling and the ever unfolding creation of a moment. She knows no limit - she is vast, deep and welcomes the mystery. She is the part of us experiencing, feeling, embodying etc.

The masculine is the awareness of the experience. The presence, the focus, and the tension that holds the vast space "together' for us to dive deep and unfold, create and be.

In the moments where you become Present to the experience of sadness, anger, pain or suffering rising up and rolling through you  -  you are in union.

Union is the dance we experience during a tsunami of healing work and the dance we experience during a flood of creativity and self expression.

We crave this profound intimacy and union with another - but do we explore union within?

Do we ever affirm our own state of Union?

Can we let go of fantastical ideas of what union can be or should be - and see what Union really IS?

Union incinerates density in your consciousness. The flame of your awareness during an embodied experience is the same way a partner's loving Presence incinerates our fears while simultaneously witnessing the unfolding beauty of our being through vulnerability.

Union is not perfection or the absence of friction. Being Present to the real raw humanity of our present moments invites the deep fulfillment of being seen, felt and heard by the lover within.

This presence unites our inner being.

It builds Trust.

And trust is the only way true intimacy can foster and be nourished ~ with ourselves, with others and with the dynamic events in our life.

When we trust ourselves enough to be Present with what shows up for us, the innocent, playful & wondrous part of our being feels safe to explore, live and be.

Whether it rains or shines, like a child, we find a way to dance in the experience.