The Pregnant Visionaries MANIFESTO

What would it feel like to create from an entirely different space? How can we know this space when so many of us are feeling into it for the very first time in our lives?

This manifesto is for YOU (and me) so that we are reminded of the purest form of creative energy.

Here's to creating from this new space so that you enjoy the process, stay connected to your highest truth and reach your finish line . . . FULL and complete.

enjoy !


that every woman is born with the cellular material + creative potential of a Divine Mother.

that every woman is born to give birth. to conceive, create + liberate. to commit to the ecstatic rush of completion.

and whether your child is a baby, a book, a work of art, or a business your responsibility is precisely the same:

To nourish & care for yourself & your child with unconditional love.

As if your child depends on it. As if your life revolves around it. As if the world is at a loss . . . without your child in it.

and so, my question for every woman on earth is:

what are you ready to give birth to?

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