The sweet spot for releasing emotional trauma. Freedom is yours.

There is a special kind of dance you must learn to release the emotional trauma that drains your energy.

I learned this dance because I trust one truth about my life:

Everything that shows up, is a gift to move closer to love.

So feel what you feel. Let yourself go into the feeling that surfaces when you are triggered by a crisis showing up in your life.

Feel what you feel when the crisis recalls the times of abandonment, betrayal, abuse, judgment, criticism, loneliness, hatred, the impulse for revenge, the thoughts of giving up completely . . .

Feel into it and know that as you feel all this intensity, it is surfacing, moving, and alive for only one reason.

It is ready to be released.

The dance begins as you notice the feelings shift into the intensity of blame & victimization towards the ones who have hurt you.

This is the moment where freedom is yours.

This is the time to take full Responsibility.

Remember how everything right now is a gift for you to return to the love in your heart?

Trust this and take responsibility for whatever crisis is facing you now.

Everything you are facing right now, is bringing up everything you have faced in the past, because it is moving you towards love.

It looks something like this:

As I feel the hatred, the betrayal, the bitterness towards them and myself, because they hurt me, I begin to see that I am losing power, I am losing energy. I begin to sink down into the darkness of the pain.

I offer a prayer to Source from the darkness.

I am Sorry, I Love you, Please Forgive me, Thank you.

And I take responsibility for the entire experience before me.

As I take responsibility, I begin to see all the times where I contributed to the crisis I  face.

As I take responsibility, I see that there is actually no one to be mad at.

No one to blame.

Not even myself.

As I release myself of my own self contempt, a weight is lifted off of me.

As I take responsibility I begin to notice my energy and power returning to me.

I even notice my heart opening a little more.

As I take responsibility I notice that it is possible to move through trauma with dignity, elegance and calm.

It is possible to move through crisis with a sense of wonder in your heart .

I notice that the shift in energy holds much power.

Through taking responsibility, a new lightness from the core of my being, begins to ripple out from me.

I realize that my life has unfolded in the way that was meant for me to grow and open my heart.

And this is this sweet spot . This is the dance of releasing your trauma but also in releasing the trauma in our culture, communities & families.

It begins with You. With each of us.

Each woman, Powerfully Wise.

Space holders & containers for alchemy,

Coal to gold. Dark to light.

You are courageous and there is nothing within you or around you that is too much for you to bring back to the light.

Feel what you feel. The trick is in receiving what you feel from the wise woman part of you, who knows that your wounded child needs help lifting the weight off of her.

Much has been spoken about taking responsibility.

Many times it has felt to too harsh, uncaring, unrealistic, unfair, and an ultimatum.

I was mistaken.

Taking responsibility is a divinely feminine dance in your soul.

It is feeling. It is receiving, it is trusting, honouring, healing, nurturing.

It is the ultimate offering towards yourself.

It is Love.

(image: silverridgestudio)