there are no bonus points for exploring it to death. Learning the art of stepping aside.

possible Not everything that shows up in your life is something you need to understand, purify, cleanse, integrate and explore to it's fullest. Sometimes people and situations are created by you so that you can come to an immediate knowing about what feels right and what does not.

You don't have to linger in energetic tones that extract energy from you.

Not everything is meant to be explored to death. Not everyone is meant for you to squeeze every possible life lesson from.

During this time, relationships are the major theme and what I am learning is that when things are soooo close, yet so far from what I desire, the contrast IS the gift.

It illuminates my inner truth. I realize don't need to negotiate with life over a certain situation. Nor do I need to manipulate circumstances to get what I most desire.

When we dip into lingering, manipulating and negotiating, we dip into playing within the patterns.

If we are not mindful, we can also dip into a mindset that says "This is all there is for me."

And so we linger - exploring scenarios to death. Usually it is a habitual choice we make until we become aware that we have unlimited choices available to us.

There are choices that are effortless and soul affirming.

We don't have to play out a pattern and explore it to death. I have discovered that even in the most conscious explorations - I am usually invested in the outcome. When I become invested in the exploration, I am sometimes unaware of other options available to me!

The energy in personal relationships can be overwhelming.

Exquisite self care is the practice that shifts us into energetic self mastery.

We learn the art of flowing with energies. We learn how to dance from the center of our own energetic orbit. We take full responsibility for becoming ALL that we are.

With exquisite self care, we learn the art of stepping aside. We discover the freedom in Letting Go and being at Peace with What Is. We learn how to awaken the possibilities when we would normally try to manipulate life the way we want it to be.

The more we try to make something happen, the more life snaps back in resistance.

Exquisite self care is tending to the parts of ourselves that require our loving and unconditional care while being increasingly discerning about what supports OUR journey.

We can receive the gift of contrast in personal relationships as an immediate reflection of what is True for us.

We can delve in and explore it to death or we can simply say "No Thank You."

And then the fun begins.

Stepping aside is actually stepping THROUGH. It's a powerful move. It comes from being deeply dedicated to your well being.

We can step out of a pattern and can navigate energy and events from a neutral perspective.

As we learn to let go and follow life as it unfolds, we strengthen in Inner Knowing, while softening in Purity.

We free ourselves each time we "make a move" from inner truth, and our inner truth is often illuminated by the presence of contrast.

There is no rule that says you have to tolerate less than you desire . . . we linger & tolerate because we are in a learning, and this is perfection. We can step aside when we choose to. This is also perfection.

From the light of inner truth, we can move effortlessly and elegantly.

Everything is fluid . . . .changing . . . There are no rules. Sometime we forget that we have a choice in our own unfolding.

You come alive and radiate the moment you decide you are tired of lingering and trust yourself.

Ask for people and circumstances to come into your life that reflect the purity and beauty of your Being.

You can create life reflections that illuminate the highest expression of You, any time you choose,

Sometimes all you requires is to know there are infinite choices available and then step through . . .

So what will you choose for yourself today?


(image: via pinterest)