Thrive Thursday: Clare Galloway on the art of managing personal & creative energy


Welcome to Thrive Thursday. Each week I feature a conscious & creative woman who has made self care a non-negotiable part of her life, love and business. Self-care is not a perfect practice but it is necessary for a thriving life. This series spotlights women who are dedicated to #fullnessfirst because they know exhaustion & depletion are not the way forward.

I believe there is Genius in every living room across the nation. I believe there are scores of women looking for “another way” to bring their dreams to life. Women who want to live, breathe & create at a natural, elegant pace.  A harmonious balance between life and work allows us to live fully, while also freeing up the time and energy so we can come together and co-create a thriving new world for all Beings.

This series illuminates the power of exquisite self care as holistic fuel for elegant & effective productivity. As we return to lifestyle practices that support the unstoppable power behind a well nourished woman, we simultaneously create a more loving & harmonious world.

Meet Clare Galloway

Clare GallowayI’m an artist, writer and visionary, who inspires people to make active steps to bring colour, vitality and authenticity into their lives. I grew up on an island in Scotland, had a colourful career barefoot in various countries and communities, and helping transform land and culture wherever I went. I now own a magical arthouse in a semi-abandoned medieval quarter, and am the protagonist of the renaissance movement to regenerate there.

Are you a Budding or Established entrepreneur? Established.

Are you a Mother? If so, what ages are your children? I do not have children.

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritually conscious/awakening woman? I certainly do!

As an entrepreneur, when did you realize self-care must be written into your business plan and why?

I always was aware of this, but didn’t always have it written down; I guess I always found ways to keep well and safe, balanced and at peace, even though I was moving about a lot in my life and work, but the last few years have seen me take a more methodical approach to my well-being, since I bought a property and started working uber-hard in establishing a location-based business, and upping my public presence in the world. Also since I turned 40 (last year), I’ve found it much less easy to push myself hard in all directions, simultaneously!

A woman who creates from fullness honors rhythm & ritual in her life. Can you share how you manage your business with the changing tides of your inner being – with who you are as a woman?

I allow myself a great deal of flexibility around schedules, rhythms, etc: I have cultivated a means of being completely free in my daily life, to create, attend to my passions, and work when I choose. My magical arthouse is a container for all my activities and creative outpourings, and is the fruit of over 20 years’ adventure, wishing and planning- I have a multi-faceted income flow, which lets me do practically anything I want to, whenever I want to do it! ;-)

What are your non-negotiable self-care practices that put your well-being first in life & business?

Silence and solitude in large quantities, daily. Meals at the correct times. NOT allowing intrusive energies or people into my work or life schedule. Consistent self-checking about my evolving inner desires

Let’s go deeper  – we live in transitional times where many women are building a business & parenting while also in a spiritual awakening journey. There are times when self-care is not enough to alleviate the transitional symptoms of a woman’s soul unfolding so that it’s business “as usual.”

What have you learned about yourself and building a business during transitional times, as a conscious heart centered entrepreneur?

I have learned that we have to be consistently aware, particularly of our cycles and patterns- so that we can methodically evolve our path, refining always our ability to create and sustain rather than destroy and wear out.

Riding the waves of a dynamic and creative life, our point of balance is constantly adjusting.  What aspects of your nature tend to challenge you the most around maintaining balance in life & business, if you are not mindful? 

The demands of others. I have a public profile, and this brings a great deal of attention from many sources who want something from me: I’m learning to prioritize in this respect- to not need to reply to every query, and to give my guests and clients my full attentions, before I attend to others who simply want to take. I also tend to take on board too much responsibility, when I know that, if I do not do a task, it will not get done: I feel a sense of urgency at times, about healing and fixing the world, and that if I do not do all that I physically can manage to do, then it will all fall apart…

What has been the biggest benefit in your life & business as a result of making self-care the non-negotiable foundation?

I know that the public image I have needs to be calm, collected, in balance; once I accepted that responsibility, it was easy to look after myself first, because I know that if I keep myself in a good place, then I can inspire others more and more :-D Previously (some years back), I was prone to overwhelm and getting sabotaged by people and circumstances, which caused me to regularly uproot and move on when things seemed too much to bear. Now I am much better able to avoid getting into a state of extreme anxiety, as I pace myself, and can recognize when I am beginning to spiral out of synch with the world, and catch it before it becomes too exaggerated!

Thanks for these Qs- it is great to have some self-reflection on these subjects!

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