Thrive Thursday: Judy Tweal on healing and dancing through perfectionism


Welcome to Thrive Thursday. Each week I feature a conscious & creative woman who has made self care a non-negotiable part of her life, love and business. Self-care is not a perfect practice but it is necessary for a thriving life. This series spotlights women who are dedicated to #fullnessfirst because they know exhaustion & depletion are not the way forward.

I believe there is Genius in every living room across the nation. I believe there are scores of women looking for “another way” to bring their dreams to life. Women who want to live, breathe & create at a natural, elegant pace.  A harmonious balance between life and work allows us to live fully, while also freeing up the time and energy so we can come together and co-create a thriving new world for all Beings.

This series illuminates the power of exquisite self care as holistic fuel for elegant & effective productivity. As we return to lifestyle practices that support the unstoppable power behind a well nourished woman, we simultaneously create a more loving & harmonious world.

 Meet Judy Tweal

Judy Tweal Judy Tweal is a compassionate and positive Reiki healer and energy intuitive with a background in Holistic Nutrition. Working with both humans and animals of all ages, Judy specializes in long-distance healings and intuitive readings. Her approach to intuition and energy healing is refreshing, soulful, and FUN!”

Are you a Budding or Established entrepreneur?


Are you a Mother? If so, what ages are your children?


Do you consider yourself to be a spiritually conscious/awakening woman?

Yes I consider myself spiritually conscious and awakened

As an entrepreneur, when did you realize self-care must be written into your business plan and why?

Very recently. For most of my life, I had no concept of self-care. Within the last few years I’ve begun to realize how necessary self care is for success, and I now make it a regular part of my life.

A woman who creates from fullness honors rhythm & ritual in her life. Can you share how you manage your business with the changing tides of your inner being – with who you are as a woman?

I am still learning to manage this aspect! As my business grows, I am finding it more and more important to really listen to my gut. I used to push myself but now I trust in my cycles and take the down time when I need it.

What are your non-negotiable self-care practices that put your well-being first in life & business?

Early bed times. It sounds so simple but getting a lot of sleep is my #1 non-negotiable. I also practice self-Reiki every day which helps me to feel energized, balanced, and ready to handle anything. Having creative time to sew a quilt or cook a meal is another way I take care of myself and recharge.

And most importantly - lots of dog snuggles! I have a very close friendship with my dog Bodhi, and I absolutely need at least 30min of Bodhi-time every day or I’m a cranky mess. Dogs are Angels in Fur Suits, so who am I to ignore an Angel?!

Let’s go deeper  – we live in transitional times where many women are building a business & parenting while also in a spiritual awakening journey. There are times when self-care is not enough to alleviate the transitional symptoms of a woman’s soul unfolding so that it’s business “as usual.” What have you learned about yourself and building a business during transitional times, as a conscious heart centered entrepreneur?

I have learned that I have to put myself first or my business - and life - suffers. When I am depleted, what good can come? The world is better served by a Judy Tweal that is well-rested, nourished, and happy than someone who is just getting by. Taking time for myself and trusting in the Divine process - knowing that all things are happening for a reason - is key. Also, knowing when to seek healing or support from sources outside myself. It’s important for healers and other health professionals to learn how to ask for what they need instead of trying to do it all themselves. Sometimes we need help and that’s ok.

It’s not uncommon for healers to overlook their most pressing ‘issues’ so having a good support system to notice when things get off-balance is helpful. I have been lucky to connect with so many amazing healers who help me to feel like the best version of myself.

Riding the waves of a dynamic and creative life, our point of balance is constantly adjusting.  What aspects of your nature tend to challenge you the most around maintaining balance in life & business, if you are not mindful?

Perfectionism. It has plagued me as long as I can remember. I have done a lot of ‘work’ to release this tendency but it still comes up for me. The best approach has been to acknowledge and selectively embrace my desire for perfection while also pushing myself to let go and be ok with not-quite-perfect.

As I have been told many times throughout life, I am ‘too hard on myself.’ It takes effort to be kinder and gentler with myself. If I am not conscious of it, perfectionism can have me off the rails very quickly. When I am conscious of it and work with it, I can (mostly) overcome it. Finding that balance between wanting to do my best and obsessing about perfectionism is a daily dance.

How has your life & business changes as a result of placing self-care a non-negotiable foundation?

Now that self-care is a non-negotiable foundation in my life, I am much more authentic.

I spent the first part of my life living for other people. I was not aligned with my core beliefs or desires and I spent so much energy trying to ‘fit in’ and be ‘right’. What a bore!

Now I wear what I want, do what I want, and say NO when I need to. I accept and love the parts of myself that I once strived to change. Even perfectionism; if I let it guide my artistic and culinary creations, the results are amazing! But when it budges into my self-view or my relationships - it sucks. The magic is in knowing how and when to use those qualities - not strengths or weaknesses - to my advantage.

Also, my Reiki journey has necessitated a newer level of self-care and has brought with it so many lessons. The more I learn and grow, the more I LOVE to learn and grow. Working with energy and intuition has been such a blessing in my life. I couldn’t have imagined how this has all turned out, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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