Thrive Thursday: Kelly Clawson-Vandiver on being selfish and the power of the Big O


Welcome to Thrive Thursday. Each week I will be featuring a conscious & creative woman who has made self care a non-negotiable part of her life, love and business. Self-care is not a perfect practice but it is necessary for a thriving life. This series spotlights women who are dedicated to #fullnessfirst because they know exhaustion & depletion are not the way forward.

I believe there is Genius in every living room across the nation. I believe there are scores of women looking for “another way” to bring their dreams to life. Women who want to live, breathe & create at a natural, elegant pace.  A harmonious balance between life and work allows us to live fully, while also freeing up the time and energy so we can come together and co-create a thriving new world for all Beings.

This series illuminates the power of exquisite self care as holistic fuel for elegant & effective productivity. As we return to lifestyle practices that support the unstoppable power behind a well nourished woman, we simultaneously create a more loving & harmonious world.

Meet Kelly Clawson-Vandiver


Kelly ClawsonCoach, Spa Owner, Creator of The Six-Figure Spa-preneur Program, Speaker, Mom, Wife, Lover-Of-All: People. Life. Love.

Kelly's life mission is to teach about The Big O: Orgasm, being the life force that connects us all and is the vital nutrient for spiritual awakening and a fulfilled life in all areas. Orgasm isn’t just about sex. It is about vitality and boundless power that we women are directly connected to, but many are unplugged from and have forgotten how to plug in because of being “stressed & busy busy busy”, suppression of oneself, one another, and societal suppression. Kelly helps bring women back to themselves by teaching the art & craft of loving communication and connection with themselves, their partners, and the Universe. It is a beautiful thing when a woman begins to be honest with herself and becomes her best-fucking-friend. She then becomes a powerful, unstoppable force who will go out into the world as her authentic self, fulfilling her mission, and ministering to the un-awakened.

Are you a Budding or Established entrepreneur?

Established spa owner of 13+ years, coach, speaker.

Are you a Mother? If so, what ages are your children?

Yes! I have 7 - yes all from this gorgeous uterus: Hannah:18, Hope:15, Gabriel:9, Ethan:8, Ava:8, Ashton:6, Noah:4

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritually conscious/awakening woman?

Abso-fucking-lutely thanks to Me, God, Angels, Friends & My Soul-mate Husband who so patiently knows me, handles me, loves me, communicates with me, opens me up and helps expand me in this existence more than I ever could have ever imagined. My Full Spiritual Awakening happened circa 2013. I returned to Love & Source, and it’s a beautiful thing.

As an entrepreneur, when did you realize self-care must be written into your business plan and why?

I hit what I call “the invisible wall of resistance.” That wall you feel as a woman when you are like: “This shit I am doing day to day, striving, trying, working hard to the bone, exhausted, stressing, lying to myself, pleasing others first, not owning or honoring my deep sexual desires, being in my masculine, this shit is not working. STOP BITCH STOP!  (That’s the name of one of my lectures)

My soul would not allow me to go any further and I was literally & physically halted by my own body & soul. My higher self, my grandmother above, my angels, were all in union telling me like: “Kelly, It’s time to go inward.” And so I did. Yoga, Meditation, Mantras, Beautiful Soul Sisters helped me drive through the darkness hole into my now Abyss of this beautiful physical experience. Orgasmic Flow State.

A woman who creates from fullness honors rhythm & ritual in her life. Can you share how you manage your business with the changing tides of your inner being – with who you are as a woman?

First and foremost, I always make sure in anything that I am pleasing myself FIRST. Call it selfish. It’s not. It is the antithesis of selfish. I respect that my life, my pussy, my age, my desires are ever-changing and morphing and I give them the respect and the attention they deserve to evolve and do so. The Pussy Knows. She wants what she wants and I give it to her because when I do, my subconscious is relaxed, and then all of the pieces naturally fall into place in business, life, and love.

What are your non-negotiable self-care practices that put your well-being first in life & business?


MEDITATION…1 minute for every year of your age daily is the goal and I meditate for at least an hour per day. It is a non-negotiable must. (my HOT hubs even does it with me now)

YOGA…2 days per week-private sessions which I highly recommend.

ORGASM…IT IS YOUR SECRET AWESOME SAUCE and it must happen for me a few times daily. (No man? Use Your Hands!) It is better for you than any organic food you could ever eat, and the healer of all. (organic food is important though;)

I DO NOT WORK THE DAY BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER MY PERIOD…Let this be a time of REST. Your Moon Cycle IS Sacred so Give Yourself that respect in whatever ritualistic way you can, and respect Her beauty.

MASSAGE & SPA VISITS…my “stress” goes right to my physical body & this is a non-negotiable for me bi-weekly to unwind and increase circulation, Orgasm & Source energy in my life.

TIME WITH GIRLFRIENDS…mmmm, DELISH. Love my girl time, —it is vital.

MAKE OUT SESSIONS…with my husband for at least 15 minutes each evening…mmmmmm, it is yummy and very connecting.

SELF-EXPRESSION & AUTHENTICITY…the most therapeutic non-negotiable self-care practice for well-being of all.

MOVE MY ASS…Dance, Work Out, Jog it out! Whatever you do, just move your ass. It helps you digest your day and gets creative juices flowing! Move those HIPS!

I LOVE HUGS…whether it is my favorite sweet check out lady at the grocery store, my kiddos, or my beloved—hugs are so important!! Make them long & truly connected & make them count.

Let’s go deeper – we live in transitional times where many women are building a business & parenting while also in a spiritual awakening journey. There are times when self-care is not enough to alleviate the transitional symptoms of a woman’s soul unfolding so that it’s business “as usual.” What have you learned about yourself and building a business during transitional times, as a conscious heart centered entrepreneur?

ORGASM. ORGASM. ORGASM. It is The Vital Nutrient. It Is Our Reset Button. I always go back to Orgasm. It is closest to our hearts, souls, and existence as non-physical beings having this human experience and helps us plug in to that source energy & find that balance so we are able to juggle multiple demands & dreams seamlessly. Because it is all about enjoying the scenery on this never-ending journey.

Riding the waves of a dynamic and creative life, our point of balance is constantly adjusting.  What aspects of your nature tend to challenge you the most around maintaining balance in life & business, if you are not mindful?

I seek connection with everyone and everything and I think I love this physical experience so much that I just want to freaking inhale it at every turn that I can! It’s so damn FUN & DELICIOUS! So sleeping & I have a love-hate relationship (I am working on the sleep thing) And I definitely over-schedule because my loving & playful nature wants to say YES to many things!!! (working on Mastering the art of hopping on the NO-TRAIN, although I’ve gotten pretty good?) My husband would say I haven’t, and he does have to pull me away from work a good bit because I love it so much.

How has your life & business changed as a result of placing self-care a non-negotiable foundation?

My life & businesses have changed dramatically as a result of me placing my self-care at the forefront of my life as THE non-negotiable foundation and cornerstone. Everything is vibrant!


I have changed in every way from being finished up with the following: being stressed, people-pleasing, giving a fuck about what anyone says about what I feel or say or express, not living for my passion & highest purpose first, holding back my true nature, not saying Fuck, Pussy, Bitch, Etc. The side effects: I healed my stomach ulcer, My business is now thriving vs.surviving, I am working with employees & clients I absolutely adore, All People I come into contact with want in on what I am doing and I am happy to share, My kids are happy, my husband is super-pleased and loves to please me, my best friends’ lives are transforming, and mostly…I am the happiest and most free I have ever been in my life and I want every woman to live here in this place inside of Herself. It is a deep breath of fresh air, and a damn sure free one.

My Main Goal: To Be Orgasmic, Free, Happy, Connected, Warm…In the Ocean of the Truth of Myself.

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