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Welcome to Thrive Thursday. Each week I feature a conscious & creative woman who has made self care a non-negotiable part of her life, love and business. Self-care is not a perfect practice but it is necessary for a thriving life. This series spotlights women who are dedicated to #fullnessfirst because they know exhaustion & depletion are not the way forward.

I believe there is Genius in every living room across the nation. I believe there are scores of women looking for “another way” to bring their dreams to life. Women who want to live, breathe & create at a natural, elegant pace.  A harmonious balance between life and work allows us to live fully, while also freeing up the time and energy so we can come together and co-create a thriving new world for all Beings.

This series illuminates the power of exquisite self care as holistic fuel for elegant & effective productivity. As we return to lifestyle practices that support the unstoppable power behind a well nourished woman, we simultaneously create a more loving & harmonious world.

 Meet Rebecca Hulse:

RebeccaHulse Rebecca Hulse is a reality shaker – a life coach for millennials and an Access Consciousness BF. She is the author of three books and speaks to a global audience on consciousness, bodies, being and sex. Join Rebecca for the global class "Set Your Body Free" at as well as lots of free stuff like The Big Bad(ass) Book of Judgement.

Are you a Budding or Established entrepreneur?

Somewhere In the middle?

Are you a Mother? If so, what ages are your children?

No, I’m 21.

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritually conscious/awakening woman?

Conscious? Yes and weird which actually means ‘Of fate, spirit and destiny.’ – isn’t that beautiful?

As an entrepreneur, when did you realize self-care must be written into your business plan and why?

For me it never even had to be written in, if I choose to have me as my top priority then my entire life – including my business falls in next. That way my body always gets taken care of, and I am happy. Money always follows joy anyway.

A woman who creates from fullness honors rhythm & ritual in her life. Can you share how you manage your business with the changing tides of your inner being – with who you are as a woman?

How I manage my business is by going with the energy and always honoring my awareness. Following the energy may be not posting my “always post on Tuesday” blog post or by asking questions like:

Who do I have to talk to or where do I have to go to create my business today?

And I end up at the nail salon chatting to my mum creating phenomenal ideas. For me it’s really crucial to honor that I know even if it seems to be the total opposite of what everyone else says I should do – it’s always going to work out best if I follow what’s light, expansive and true for me.

What are your non-negotiable self-care practices that put your well-being first in life & business?

I won’t do anything that’s not light for me. This one light/heavy tool really permeates my entire life! Basically if something gives you a sense of lightness and expansion – it’s true for you, and if it gives you a sense of heaviness or contraction it’s a lie for you.  I also don’t go against my body – ever. I know that my body is soo much more aware than I am so I listen to it – whether it’s “Body would you like to eat? Go for a walk? Get your bars run? Or have sex?”

I might think I’m hungry but my body is actually asking for an energy that would be better accessed a different way. Asking my body alone has radically shifted my lifestyle.

For me there are no “You should have a green smoothie in the morning and meditate for 39 minutes” non-negotiable like that – that doesn’t work for me - but going with the energy and having a new adventure everyday does.

Let’s go deeper  – we live in transitional times where many women are building a business & parenting while also in a spiritual awakening journey. There are times when self-care is not enough to alleviate the transitional symptoms of a woman’s soul unfolding so that it’s business “as usual.” What have you learned about yourself and building a business during transitional times, as a conscious heart centered entrepreneur?

There are a few tools I’ve found are really useful when life gets mucky. I’ve found that I create my entire reality and have contributed to everything in my life – the good, the bad and the ugly so I really don’t buy any “Dark night of the soul” stuff.

What I do know is that 99% of my thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t even mine – I’m just really aware (maybe some of you have been calling it psychic or sensitive?)  and it’s not a bad thing.

Just if I start to feel down in the dumps or an emotional wreck I will ask myself “Is this mine?” it will often lighten up and completely disappear after I’ve said “Return to sender with consciousness.” Is this mean? No, there is nothing I can do for them by duplicating what is going on for them, but by returning it with consciousness I allow the person experiencing this to have a choice.

Also because I’m not willing to “Buy into” any traumatic situation as real or true it never sticks for very long. If something feels uncomfortable for longer than 2 hours I’m changing it.

And If I do get uncomfortable for me it’s like: “Wow look what’s going on here! I’m totally uncomfortable, I wonder what’s creating this?” I treat myself and life very lightly.

Riding the waves of a dynamic and creative life, our point of balance is constantly adjusting.  What aspects of your nature tend to challenge you the most around maintaining balance in life & business, if you are not mindful? 

 I never try to stay in one place, maintain anything or create a schedule. I spend my life following the energy and going/creating/choosing what is required instead of creating structures and trying to stay ‘in balance’. To me striving for balance wouldn’t really work because I’m more interested in a Grand and Glorious Adventure of Living. I’ve written a book on a Cruise Ship and coached clients from a beach Bar in the Caribbean.

What actually tends to stick me and most people is their unwillingness to be aware. When you are functioning from total awareness and total consciousness (my definition is consciousness includes everything and judges nothing) you will always know if your client is going to deliver, if that deadline is actually going to work from you and exactly where to be so that ‘your people’ can find you.

What has been the biggest benefit in your life & business as a result of making self-care the non-negotiable foundation?

Choosing me. Choosing to be me fully and choosing what will create the most no matter what it looks like and no matter what it takes has been such a joyous adventure! I’ve written three books in 6 months, I’ve created deep connections to other businesses and most importantly I’ve stopped torturing myself with the cancer called Judgment and allowed myself to show up as who I really am and use that vulnerability to my advantage.

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