Trust this: It often gets very messy right before the clearing.

I nearly fell to my knees tonight in tears and gratitude.

I woke up feeling raw and vulnerable (again) This being one of my few "create days" during the week, I gathered my focus to create some forward movement (sacred masculine energy) with my upcoming online product (that I totally admit - has been a very long time coming. This product is taking me to edges I didn't know I had!)

Then I received a call about a meeting I was required to attend and my creation time was cut short.

I craved a coffee today and was later was reminded again, why it is not a good idea for my nervous system to blend "work" and coffee. Coffee is best left for play days where adventure is the focus.

I came back home and hunkered down, again. Determined to move forward, I acknowledged that my vibration was not helpful in my efforts, but I refused to stop. (note to self: reread my last post on "fullness first")

Two hours later, I surrendered into a puddle of frustrated tears and despair. I sobbed over the recent shifts in my life, the pressure I feel and through the tears I began to express my true soul desires:

To play. To have fun. To live fully. To Love deeply. To Inspire.

I didn't want to sit in front of a big challenge, and muscle my way through.

And so in that moment, I asked myself what would be most SATISFYING.

"Create that little morsel of goodness you thought of last night un the bath!"

And so, with Satisfaction under my wing, I began to create, EFFORTLESSLY.

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And here is the magic:

Creating from Fullness.

Doing whatever it is that you really want to do . . . is very HIGH VIBE inducing!

And this is when crazy awesome stuff begins to happen . . . begins to get drawn towards you.

And in my high vibe satisfactionthen, I received THE EMAIL that I've been waiting two MONTHS for.
(a HUGE opening for me professionally)

I cried, totally overcome with gratitude.

and humbled again, by the reminder to trust the process, no matter how it shows up in my life.

~ The power is in honoring what truly satisfies you from moment to moment.
~ Action from depletion/low vibration is hard and pointless.
~ Trust in your process, even in the midst of tears and despair.
~ Know you are always guided, supported and loved - just keep taking steps forward


image source: studioKWN