unknown places of magic

waterdrop There is another space awaiting your presence that is filled with pure potential and fulfillment. The dis-ease that robs satisfaction is created by a mind that habitually cycles stories yet I discover over and over, that I have the choice on where to rest my attention.

My presence.

When I choose to rest in a new space, married with the breath, I discover there is peace, even amidst all that remains unanswered.

When I get very still, I hear the machine of striving that resists the notion of "not knowing, not doing, not planning, not solving" and yet, the magical unfolding exists when we explore the spaces outside the Ego Will and what we think is right for our life.

Resting in the unknown, truly resting......is an artful dance with the great mystery that is seducing me more and more. I can feel the magic here, and deep beneath the chatter, I experience Joy in witnessing the unfolding of life. ‪ #‎everydayecstasy‬