Vulnerability in social media

I received a beautiful testimonial from a woman in my tribe this week. She shared how my words have helped her "See Herself" again. I can't tell you how meaningful it is to receive an email like this. To know how my words bring beauty to another. So fulfilling!

I see so many people closing down their profile because they don't want to share personal stuff. I understand this. But for me, it is different. I share my journey because I am not attached to who I AM within the journey. I allow myself to change and expand so that every phase becomes a new landing point. I let go of who I was before. I have integrated the woman in my past, so that my journey does not have to stay hidden away, out of shame or fear.

I was a woman who didn't trust herself.

The darkness consumed me. I felt so alone and disconnected from myself and Source. Even in my darkest moments, a small simmering ember remained, just enough to push me forward and become my own alchemist, shaman, priestess. Now I am on purpose and filled with Love and the Light. Now I feel connected, it is something I never doubt. I also trust the dark and welcome the opportunity to integrate when it arrives.

We are constantly regenerating. I love Being in the mystery of expansion. There is genius in some of the darkest places I have traveled. Places I would not wish upon others, yet I know that others travel there too. We need to know that there are indeed people who found their way through. More than that, people need to know that what they seek, will find them, so long as they stay committed to their path. If my journey lights another woman's path, I am filled with gratitude.

We are resurrecting ourselves, becoming fully embodied in our highest potential. I see no need to close down, in fact, everything points to the incredible opening that is occurring on the planet right now.

So I never question what I share of my blog or in Facebook. More than anything, I continuously explore how I can be more open, truthful, & vulnerable.

Because this is a reflection of the type of world I wish to see.