We Are Remembering How to Live

 Waters of Life

Waters of Life

What does it mean to be touched by life? I thought I was "in touch" and then I went to Peru.

In the sacred land, I met a woman who was living in a "first world famine." I met a woman who was thirsty for an indescribable succulent love affair with Life. I met a woman who was awakening to the depth and expanse of her ravenous nature.

And she scared me.

Her insatiable appetite felt like she might devour me whole, and then everything around her, until nothing was left.

It was so hard to look at her. My impulse was to protect myself from her unpredictable & wild nature.

My greatest fear has always been that I may never know Fullness. That I might die, hungry and parched. Like a baby unable to feed herself while being surrounded by indescribable bounty & nourishment.

I watched this woman I feared fracture and crumble like a dry river bed, Until I felt myself being Held Until I felt myself holding Her, Until every cell of my Being was slowly saturated by the sweetest nectar I've ever experienced and I slowly came back to life.

In her death, SHE showed me how to LIVE.

We are all learning how to live again, aren't we?

Remembering how to stay awake within the awakening, Remembering what it feels like to be embodied in our True Radiance.

I return as a student each day Accepting the invitation to open, to be touched, to be awed and humbled by the indescribable Beauty.

To be touched, is a nourishment we cannot live without.

We are children with an insatiable appetite for Intimacy, We are children learning how to feed ourselves and be fed by the Mother Source of nourishment.

The Unbearable Hunger you feel is HER breathing into the spaces that are ready to come Alive each cell remembering the Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Welcome the One who is ravenous, Welcome the One who is dying from her own famine, Let yourself be touched by both aches, each bearing the Gifts of Life.

Let yourself be held, cradled, exposed, in your profoundly Innocent Vulnerability.

The woman who is both a child and a mother to herself Remembers to be OH SO GENEROUS with herself because she remembers she is One with the generosity of LIFE.

(image source: Antoine Renault

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