What if we no longer tried so hard?

perfectmystery What if we gave in and no longer tried, so hard to make sense of it all?

The layers that grip so tightly squeezing the blood from our veins the peace from our hearts and color from our life.

Tangled in the web of an endless dialogue that sounds something like:

"She mirrored this And I saw that, It showed me how, I integrated, But then attracted . . . Which showed me why . . . so I see it's all my creation and if this is so, then why can't I . . . "

Polished by the journey until one day, I got tired, old and frail. And in my dying moments life showed me that it didn't matter how it all came to be, if I understood it All, or Nothing at all.

Instead Life handed me an invitation;

"Come with me a while, let me show you what you really long to know."


when I find myself distracted by acute self awareness, extracted from Quiet Peace, quietly reorganizing the chatter of Chaos, I remember what Life showed to me:

"It's not in the answer that Life lives, But in the questions that let us LIVE"

Am I Breathing? Or is the mind rewriting Presence.

Am I Living? Or is fear withholding Love.

Am I Being? Or is self judgment clouding Truth.

Then I let life's Perfect Mystery kiss me squarely on the lips and I am blushed with Life again.