Why I walked out of yoga for the first time in 16 years

I love yoga. One day I will write about how it literally saved my life. I'm sure you or someone you know has a story like that too.

My body has become so bonded with yoga. It craves sweat. It craves breath & movement. The inner stillness and the chaos that only yoga can stirr up.

Today I did something that really surprised me, and released a ton of energy . . . but it was not in any particular pose . . .

As I lay in Savasana, connecting to my breath, I felt off. I felt conflicted about going into class. But I went anyways.

I knew it was going to be good for me.
I knew I "needed" it/
But today it felt like a 'should'

and more important, there was a simmering creative fire that needed to be expressed that felt more 'urgent' than asanas.

And while 25 Yogi's lay around me, I quietly rolled up my mat and tiptoed out of class. It is the FIRST class I've "walked out" of in 16 years.

As I left, I felt a flood of self honoring. An exhilarating pulse of energy for tuning into the flow of my desires and creative energy.

(i can't count the number of times inspiration arrives and passes in class - without a notebook on hand!)

Routine can be deadly. Dedication will soften your edges, but routine will create walls.

Be willing to break a few rules.
Be willing to tune into your moments and see if you are in alignment with your decisions, right up to the last moment.

Energy is created and amplified through movement, but energy is not always directed through the avenues that we have become accustomed to.

This is why taking a 60 minute Savasana can be more invigorating than taking a 60 minute power class.

This is why following your true desires is always the most invigorating option.

What would you rather be doing?
Are you trusting your inner knowing?

Are you allowing yourself to FEEL GOOD?

Be willing to dance to your own rhythm.

image source; My pinterest art page

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