Wouldn't it change everything?

What if you were Pregnant?

No matter what your experience of 'pregnancy' is or isn't, play with me for a minute or two . . .

I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy a Mojito or two on Friday night's.  NOT cool if I were pregnant.

But what if I was pregnant? What if YOU were?

Being pregnant can teach us self love & self care.

As you expand in your life, can you see how you continue to blossom in your inner knowing and self trust.

But back to the question:

Would being pregnant change anything about the way you treat yourself these days?

Would you give yourself anything different? What would you ask for, without a second thought?

How would you speak to yourself?

Would you give yourself a little more space around your mistakes and "mindlessness?"

Would you allow yourself to have a big cry for no good reason at all?

Would you ask for help and say "thank you" without feeling guilty for "putting someone out"?

Could you celebrate your body just this once, no matter your shape?

Would you allow yourself to become more visible? Inside and out.

Would you allow yourself to slow down, or even stop, knowing that it simply is not possible to push yourself without hurting yourself?

What would you eat?

How would it feel to be in tune with what your body needs?

To eat what you desire every two-three hours because your body asks you to?

Would you curl up for a nap in your fuzzy slippers and old pajamas, in the middle of the day?

Would you drink less coffee and more water?

Would you take an early morning walk, delighting in all your senses?

Would you rub raw coconut oil all over your body after a long luxurious soak, allowing yourself to feel sensual, beautiful and full of life?

Would you take stock of your inner circle and draw them tight and close - building a community around you so that you don't feel alone.

Whether you had a wonderful or a difficult pregnancy, or no pregnancy at all . . .

Can you give yourself the gift of life today?

We don't need a baby in our belly to honor how self care and self love changes everything . . . for you, your life, your relationships, and for your creative baby in the making.

You are creating something magnificent in your life . . . isn't that reason enough?

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