You are healed enough to conceive your vision

I think of all the years I devoted to growing my library, scouring the pages of endless self help books, looking for the morsel of wisdom that would help me realize the truth of who I am. If I could go back, not that I necessarily want to, but if I could go back I would tell myself that I was Enough all along.

I did not realize then that the only thing my vision required was a safe place to land. It was never to be revealed from another book in my library. It was always there, waiting for me to receive it with open arms.

Sometimes all our Soul requires is for us to put the books down and declare that we are healed enough.

We are healed enough to have the meaningful life we are seeking. We are healed enough to have a vision that is bigger than anything we could have prepared for. We are healed enough to share our unique genius with the world.

Instead of spreading ourselves across the library floor, perhaps all that is required is to take stock of our INNER library. And then BOLDLY step into the unknown.