You have to change it up. Tapping into your zone of genius.


"Geniuses understand the need to make space for ideas to crystallize, for creativity occurs under appropriate inner, NOT OUTER, circumstances. The stage is often set by complete distraction"  ~ David R Hawkins

I LOVE this quote. It describes perfectly why I share so much about fullness FIRST, as the pathway to end cycles of sabotage and depletion. The shifting away from the tendency to push, pull, hustle and sacrifice in order to create the life you want.

There is lots of lip service towards the path of "ease" but haven't you wondered if it is really possible?

YES. IT IS POSSIBLE. Another way to be is right before you.

But it requires you seeing things a little differently. It is so simple that it is often the last place we look.

This quote refers to the idea of making the SPACE. It is in the preparation.

It is in the filling up. It is in the "distraction."

When you receive a brilliant idea, in the middle of a Yoga class - this is the space created through "distraction" that draw genius towards to you.  (and I might add: the added effect of your EMBODIMENT !!! )

And so in that yoga class, tou become the magnet for the vibrational field of Inspiration.

So imagine: Taking your passion (your zone of genius) and tapping into the vibrational field of genius to support your zone of genius.

Fill up first. The biggest step to shifting away from depletion cycles is TRUSTING that as you pull away (counter intuitive) . . . you strengthen your connection.

You receive more energy. More inspiration. More clarity. More focus. More aligned action.

This is about you redefining the pathway you want to travel on. Fullness First.

Now GO - and "distract" yourself with something nourishing for a few days and see what happens.

<3 Monica